Thousands of old demons suddenly burst into tears of joy and bowed respectfully to the ground, unable to say how pious they are. These old demons have been practicing for thousands of years because of their qualifications, and they have been wandering in the state of demon fairy for a long time, and they will never have a chance to advance. After several thousand years, when Dan slowly dissipates, they will return to the dust.

Jinyang gives them a promotion opportunity at the moment, that is, if they can regenerate their parents, even the Golden Demon Lord is grateful. He is always worried that these old demons may return to the dust that day. Now Jinyang has given them this opportunity, and it is really hard to repay such great kindness. The leopard hurriedly knelt down and said, "It is really hard to repay the great kindness of the emperor, the great virtue and the small demon, and so on!"
"May the emperor die a thousand times!" Thousands of old demons shouted that there was no adulteration and their faces were full of piety.
Jinyang primly said, "There is a good chance. It depends on whether you can catch the Golden Leopard or not. The Lord will leave everyone else to go back to the city to refine the Emperor’s gift of Zhenyuan as soon as possible. The stronger the strength, the more opportunities there will be."
Looking at thousands of demon fairy returning to the altar one after another, there are two golden leopards left. Two golden leopards look around, and Zijin Zhenyuan is shining fiercely. This Zhenyuan is very powerful and unprecedented, but Jinyang is very different. Before Jinyang, Zhenyuan has a package and all its attributes are full of vitality.
But now this real Yuan is just the opposite. It is full of silence, like destroying everything. It seems to stay at the altar. The leopard feels that the whole body is biting cold. This kind of sharp cold breath seems to be pervasive and desperately trying to drill into other bodies. If he hadn’t done something, this silence breath alone would have killed him.
With Jinyang drinking all over the body, the real yuan suddenly broke out and instantly enveloped hundreds of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang. Except for the foot altar, hundreds of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang were wrapped in the extinct Zijin real yuan. With Jinyang’s face changing several times in a row, Jinyang suddenly recovered all Zijin real teeth.
As Jinyang recovered the real leopard, he opened his mouth wide in horror and almost opened his eyes. When he looked at Jinyang again, his eyes and body were not only afraid, but the most pure and sincere belief in Jinyang, not just the heavenly emperor, but the existence of God.
Jinyang actually leveled hundreds of thousands of miles of peaks in Fiona Fang without magic weapons in just a few seconds, leaving a hundred mountains, no more, no less. Every peak seems to have been carved by a ghost axe, and almost all peaks are of normal size, leaving bare rocks.
Before the leopard continues to be surprised, Jinyang throws out a hundred banners with hundreds of feet, most of which are made of black iron. The flag surface is dark like a black hole, which can absorb the power of Yin stars in the sky for one hundred days, forming a large array of Yin stars, which not only has a powerful defense function, but also has a special effect of hiding breath.
After all this, Jinyang was relieved to take out thirty banners from Zijin Gankun’s bag and told the leopard to place them according to the picture in the worn scrolls. Jinyang was sitting in the center of the altar for a little pranayama, and it was not to absorb the real supplement but to adjust the side, which had been mobilized to fight the war.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 39 Three True Elements
Celestial Volume Chapter 39 Three True Elements
Since Jin Yang, the general manager, came to create the Shinto, Zi Jin Zhen Yuan has been divided into three distinct attributes, and it is natural that Jin Yang has made benefits but has not changed them.
One is to be able to cover everything that is full of vitality and even create life, just like ten Taoist priests with three souls and seven souls, which is what I learned from it. From this truth, Jinyang also realized a unified cultivation method, that is, all members of the Yanyang Temple are practicing meditation, even the people in the realm are practicing this meditation.
Jinyang named this mental method "Wan Sheng Ji". Because of practicing this mental method, it not only has the attribute of embracing all things, but also has poor vitality. It can also create life and revive everything that has been destroyed. When the "Wan Sheng Ji" is practiced, it will be transformed into an inexplicable atmosphere.
No matter whether it’s a million demon troops or the clansmen in the realm, if they don’t change their roots, they won’t know their true identity, which is very important for the clansmen to formally integrate into heaven. Even the bald donkeys in the west can’t distinguish them among the trillions of creatures in heaven.
On the other hand, the second kind of truth is just the opposite. Jinyang has never used it, but Jinyang knows that it is an attempt to extinction, and it is full of silence. It is to destroy everything. If Jinyang fails, it will not be afraid to control it. However, with Jinyang’s recent understanding of the creation of Shinto, it can be controlled slightly.
Today, Jinyang barely tried, and the result was gratifying damage. No matter what it was, it was really strong enough to be wrapped by this true yuan. The result was that it was completely extinct, not simply lost, but even the last true spirit was directly obliterated.
However, Jinyang doesn’t like the smell too much, so it’s hard for Jinyang to control the annihilation of hundreds of thousands of miles of mountains nearby. It’s just a matter of mobilizing one thousandth of a breath, but the rest of the breath will come alive as soon as it is mobilized. If there is not a third kind of real land in Jinyang, it’s really hard to control this war gas place. Jinyang has not yet given this breath cultivation tactic to people.
The third kind of truth is very strange. In the past ten years, Jinyang has realized it day and night, but it still has no results. Not only has Jinyang not been reformed, but it has not been able to make it look at him. At least, it is very peaceful when it is in the silence and war. It is like a center that makes the other two kinds of breath live in peace.
Therefore, whenever I can’t control the silence and war, the third kind of truth element will play a calming role. In this kind of truth element, I will soon be stable and never dare to be presumptuous again. This situation makes Jinyang always strange, but I can’t figure out why I can look forward to slowly understanding and creating Shinto to to find the answer.
Three kinds of truth elements have their own colors. The first truth element is full of life and presents golden yellow in the body. The second truth is that the breath of silence and war is dark purple in the body; And the third truth element is purple and gold in the body. The third truth element is safe and sound in the body.
The most strange thing for Jinyang is that when Jinyang needs the truth element to be released, no matter whether it is the first truth element or the second truth element, it will appear purple and gold as soon as it overflows from the body. The third truth element is the same as the first two truth elements, and the truth element given to those thousands of old demons is the first one full of life, which just makes up for the lack of qualifications of the old demons and helps them achieve the demon fairy road.
Half a cup of tea in the past, Jinyang slowly opened his eyes to appease the dark purple in the first Zijin Zhenyuan, and Zhenyuan soon became quiet. It was no longer like just that kind of feeling that he wanted to come out suddenly and violently. Jinyang slowly got up, and the Lord of the Leopard had planted the flag, waiting for Jinyang to start casting spells and send the demon fairy Devil to me.
Jinyang micro-drank the body, and the first kind of golden true yuan rushed to the foot array, and the golden body Pangda true yuan started to send the array at an extraordinary speed. In just a few seconds, the 36-face flag was followed by bursts of light, and the heavens and the earth also changed. This kind of magic of stealing heaven and the earth was not allowed by this world. Fortunately, Jinyang was prepared in advance, and the sky and the earth were blocked by the array of stars, and then they were no longer aware of it.
With enough energy to recite the array for half a day, Jinyang flashed out of the altar and waited around for the array to be connected.
Jinyang just fell to the ground and recited the array, and it shone once. Jinyang knew that someone had been brought over. Sure enough, before two seconds, more than a thousand figures flashed out of the altar, leaving more than a thousand figures for the dialing people, and soon flashed out and sent the array to disperse.
Jinyang can see that more than 1,000 people were originally from this time, and 90% of the elite came here, especially taking the lead. Both of them have the peak strength of true immortals, and their human breath is also different. One is mixed with murderous look and the other is full of dark magic.
Seeing Jinyang taking the lead not far away, two people hurriedly flew over to pay homage to Jinyang, the heavenly emperor. This is something that has never happened in tens of thousands of years. Although they feel weird in their hearts, they know from the ancestors of the two major forces that the emperor has a jade fairy and gestures, so they can ask their lives to be respectful. It is absolutely not wrong.
Jinyang knew one of them, the Demon Hall, and this time it was sent to lead the team. It is no wonder that the white tiger demon body in the Five-Party Guardian Demon God was full of murderous look. Although this guy had an unhappy meeting with Jinyang, Jinyang was very satisfied because what he needed most this time was the chopstick hand white tiger, which would kill people.
The Shinto Sect in The Hunger is a gloomy young Taoist whose body is wrapped in dark red blood vapor, and there is a faint murderous look. Obviously, it is also a frequent killer. The two major forces have not disappointed Jinyang this time.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 39 Wolf star gentleman
Celestial Volume Chapter 39 Wolf star gentleman
Through the simple introduction of gloomy young Taoist himself, Jinyang knows that his name is Blood Yin, and he is the second disciple of The Hunger, the founder of the Great The Hunger Shinto, and The Hunger, the second disciple of the Great Shinto, has been practicing his elder brother, the Blood God, for a long time, and jointly manages nearly 1,400 cities and nearly 10 million magic armies of the Great The Hunger Shinto.
This time, the bodhi old zu in The Hunger personally reached an order, and he personally led 500,000 magic soldiers, all of whom had fairy and devil masters, to come to Jinyang. The emperor of heaven ordered the blood yin to doubt when the religion of The Hunger became so harmonious with heaven. But he didn’t dare to show dissent, and earnestly carried out the orders of The Hunger bodhi old zu.
Jinyang suddenly seemed to think of something and then asked faintly, "Eleven years ago, a man named The Hunger scattered immortals in your religion took his apprentice to heaven with the Emperor. I wonder if he is living like this now?" We often think of them when people have been friends for decades and entered the heaven but lost the Lian Dijun. "
Jinyang’s simple words can mean something in the words, but it scares the blood and yin to death. Eleven years ago, it just rose from man to heaven, and now it’s expensive. Besides, there are jade immortals. No wonder the fire unicorn in the temple of the Demon is eager to curry favor with others. No wonder it can easily promise others thousands of cities
"They are doing very well, and both of their younger brothers have been accepted by the leader. At present, the leader is personally teaching The Hunger Dafa." The tone of blood yin is more respectful, but slowly relieved. No wonder those two followers have just soared so much that they are loved by the leader. It is not surprising that there is this layer among them.
"That’s natural. You can rest in this array. Hundreds of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang are covered by the stars of the sky, which can automatically absorb the star power of the yin star for one hundred days. This negative star power is of great assistance to your demon clan inferno practice. Wait patiently for me to inform you if you have any needs, and just tell him." Jinyang pointed to the golden leopard duke behind him and then disappeared into the array.
In fact, including the Golden Leopard Duke, it has long been discovered that Fiona Fang’s aura is changing in hundreds of thousands of miles. It is no longer the former days, and it is full of yin and yang from two worlds, and it is getting stronger and stronger. A few people are suddenly overjoyed and hurriedly ordered tens of thousands of people who have already sent it to practice themselves and quickly work hard to absorb the increasingly strong yin and yang.
On this day, although the Yin star force can be seen everywhere, it is very thin in the heaven. The reason is that the 100 Yin stars are in the hands of the heaven. On ordinary days, the heaven will ban a Yin star, and if a star emits it, the Yin star force will not be scattered throughout the heaven. The thinness can be imagined.
But on this day, the array of Yin stars is different. Because of the golden sun offering to refine the array flag, you can directly absorb the celestial Yin star power from the one hundred celestial Yin stars and then gather it in a small range of hundreds of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang, just like putting the whole celestial Reiki Department into a large blast of Fiona Fang with hundreds of thousands of miles.
Jinyang set up a large array of Yin stars on this day, which is also to send them personal feelings to heaven. It is only by suppressing the strength development of the demon race in heaven that great mana can directly ban one hundred and seven Yin stars, but there is not much place in heaven except that the Yin stars are trained by demon fairy, a celestial genus, and the base is put there to watch the essence of the waves in vain.
In heaven, the wolf star Juncang rushed to the front of Lingxiao Hall, pale and bloody, and quickly said to the guards of several golden heavenly generals, "Hurry up and inform Xing Jun that he has something important to do immediately."
Guarding the shining golden sky will see the greedy wolf star king so courteously, and I suddenly feel a little unhappy. I am also a close minister of the Jade Emperor, so I lightly replied, "Hui Xing Jun is not in the temple and is in the Queen Mother Yaochi. What can I do for you? Please go to Yaochi and lie down. The teenager has to stay in front of the hall because of the chaotic emperor’s orders. Please spare the teenager to inform Xingjun."
The greedy wolf star king was suddenly furious. I didn’t think that a small gatekeeper would dare to talk to him like this. I didn’t pay attention to him as a star king, but I thought that the newly promoted chaotic emperor was a new master of Xuanxian, and he couldn’t provoke the landlord himself. Then he snorted in the dark and drove a fairy cloud toward the Yaochi where the Queen Mother was located.
After the Wolf Star Jun left, several heavenly generals surrounded him and praised him for having the courage to talk to the Wolf Star Jun like this. Everyone knows that besides killing, the Wolf Star Jun likes to gossip with the Jade Emperor and frame some potential celestial generals and fairies to reflect his star regal.
"Afraid that he’s a bird commander, and now he’s also a master of Xuanxian, or are you afraid that he’s a fucking star king who personally administers the chaotic emperor’s palm and guards the heaven?" This shining golden heaven will be the confidante. In the past, he was always angry with the stars, but he suffered from the lack of background. Now, the potential nature wants to get back this evil spirit.
The jade emperor in Yaochi, accompanied by the queen mother, is watching the heavenly girl dance. After the Jinyang wedding, the queen mother seems to have changed her personal affairs, and the jade emperor’s feelings are much better than before. Many of them talked and laughed, as if they didn’t remember the bad blood that day. Several princesses were all smiling and didn’t have the formality of the past.
Suddenly, I smell the Wolf Star Jun reported that one hundred celestial stars in the far north star domain suddenly lost control, and the celestial star power was out of control and disappeared rapidly. The surrounding bans were also like losing the roots, and the celestial star power could not stop spilling over, like being attracted by something and rushing to somewhere in the sky.
The Jade Emperor was first surprised by those prohibitions, but he personally set up a device to count the fingers. He soon learned that it was Jinyang’s big hand and Jinyang’s strength. After a simple deliberation, Bai Jinyang wanted to think, then he put Jinyang to do it. After all, he only calculated him before.
Thought of here, the jade emperor continued to listen to music and dance with relief, casually found an absurd reason and sent off the wolf star king
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Celestial Volume Chapter 391 Purple orchid gives birth.
Celestial Volume Chapter 391 Purple orchid gives birth.
Top of the Tower of the Lord’s Mansion in Nanshanbuzhou
Jinyang looked at the direction of heaven by the tower and guessed that half a column of incense had passed. The jade emperor should also be aware of the disappearance of the celestial power. The jade emperor’s calculating strength should also be able to think that it was his own handwriting. He borrowed Chen Tiandi’s hand to calculate on himself and stole his celestial power. It is also a courtesy.
The first ten demons of White Deer are sitting quietly behind Jinyang, and they are working hard to make the "Wan Sheng Ji" benefit. All the attributes of this package are trying to digest the combat power. Although hundreds of relics are all arhat bodhisattva relics to help the ten demons advance to the realm of Xuanxian, they are also better than adding some repairs.
A few days ago, the Ten Demons single-handedly killed thousands of Lohan Bodhisattvas. With the speed of the Golden Eagle, the blood crane and the two demons, the strength of the white deer, Hei Hu and other demons did not let go. Except for hundreds of relics that were destroyed on the spot, thousands of relics were collected by the white deer and confiscated by Jinyang Jinyang. These low-level relics were not much distributed to the ten demons, each with hundreds.
After another half an hour, there is still no reaction in the heaven. The large array of stars and Yin is still running at a high speed. The stars and Yin quickly rush into the array, and a little smile slowly shines on the face corner of Jinyang. It seems that the jade emperor is also calculating himself, but he is embarrassed and doesn’t intend to cut off the main body and steal the stars and Yin.
Thought of here, Jinyang fiercely waved a hundred purple and gold rays flying out of the palm of your hand and hurtling towards the sky, yin and stars 600 miles away. In the big bursts, the flag of the ground array suddenly soared by more than 100 times, and its power naturally increased linearly. Since the master doesn’t care, it’s natural to steal more.