Xin Yao’s corpse soon caused a slight snore in bed.

The clever figure immediately flashed out of Yaohua Palace with a dull smile. When she saw a standing figure, she smiled, "Princess Yan was so happy that she fainted!"
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Xin Yao "….." Do you dare to be a little better at making up words?
Ling Yan wiped a pair of cold sweat heart way this little ancestor is happy. When she is unhappy, the emperor is not happy. The emperor is not happy. Hey, hey, the world is not happy!
Xin Yao didn’t make the ceremony the next day. She has shrunk her neck since Dark put her into Giri.
The consequence of this is-no face.
This also made the queen shoulder to shoulder and turned back frequently. Jun Chen was very upset. He took a hard look at Ling Yan and Ling Yan was cold and sweaty, but he still smiled and remained calm.
When Xin Yao woke up, it was already dark, and a dark one helped her to leave the noisy Fengzao Palace.
She really didn’t want to say that they were kicked out!
Who let her master canonization ceremony to sleep? When she woke up, mad dog disease smashed several sovereign wine tables.
The queen mother simply ignored the emperor and had the cheek to explain to her ministers that it was normal for Yao Fei to be overworked last night and tired today, so that she could take the Lord back to the palace to rest.
Xin Yao is angry at losing her temper. Now she can remember that her ministers looked at her ambiguous face and overworked on the eve of the conferring ceremony!
Besides, she was given a palace princess before the emperor made an exception and conferred the title.
It’s really gray. It’s often gray
It’s also gray and often makes people think!
Jun Chen is wearing a Dahongpao today, embroidered with golden dragons with five claws on his chest, and the neckline and sleeves are inlaid with jewels. The whole person looks beautiful and jade-like.
"The emperor tonight you should rest phoenix algae palace" Ling Yan lower their voices.
He wants to leave the queen alone to guard the house on the wedding night, okay? !
"Go to Yaohua Palace" Jun Chen rubbed his eyebrows to ease the fatigue light way
Xin Yao is too lazy to take off the direct click, click and tear the table like a deflated ball.
"A dark old lady’s meal!" Xin Yao sprawled and shouted.
Dark hands and feet looked at Xin Yao with a face of nai. "Where do you put the main meal?" You always occupy the table!
Xin Yao looked at the delicious food and remembered that Anjin had lost her appetite yesterday.
She’s got a big question mark in her head. She’s not a queen? !
What is this? What is this?
Don’t the emperor spoil her?
Isn’t it so arrogant and awesome to say that you are a good girl?
It’s like I have planned how to spend 50 thousand, and you tell me that I didn’t win chapter 34 of chapter 34 and didn’t wait on my bed Robbed!
Jun Chen’s front foot just stepped into Yaohua Palace when she heard the noise inside. He stepped up his pace. Ling Yan took a slow step and the squire dragon moved slowly behind him.
Jun Chen has just gone to the main hall to prepare to’ comfort’ someone who has not been an empress, and his left foot has been raised.