The man still stood with his back to the entrance and looked at the yellow-rimmed dragon robe in the corridor of Jingshilou.

She was out of the "emperor" first in case she was swept by a palm wind like this.
Brush her robe and kneel. She bows down.
The man turned slowly.
After the ceremony, she looked up and looked at him. Her eyes were relatively instantaneous, and she was still shivered by the chill in his eyes.
"What do you want from me again?"
He asked in a cold voice without any emotion.
When did it become possible for them to meet at night? Did she beg him?
If there is any important news before, won’t she come here secretly to find him and tell him?
Although this time she did come to beg him again
After a moment of silence, she nodded and said, "I dare to ask the emperor to let Qiaodai go at night!"
"Qiao Dai?"
Obviously, the man was surprised and didn’t expect her to ask for it.
"It’s Qiaodai"
Nod at night and speak with certainty
The man looked at her in disbelief.
"I didn’t know until recently that she had saved her life overnight."
"Qiao Dai told you?" The man’s eyebrows are slightly closed and his face is cold.
It seems that he also knows that she went to the prison to see Qiaodai.
Night away denied that "it wasn’t Qiao Dai who didn’t say anything, but I found it myself"
The man was silent for a moment.
Night away didn’t look up at him, and I don’t know if he believed it or not.
I was just about to tell the details of saving my life in advance, but I heard the man say, "Just because she once saved your life, you have to ignore the king’s law and let me tolerate the traitor?"
"But she’s not a traitor. It’s clear to the emperor!" At night, lift your eyes and look at the man
The man was dazed
"Even if she’s not a rape, things have come to this point and she has tried to save it."
"Is it true that the land of the king in Putian leads to the land of the land? Is it true that the princes want the emperor to want it and what is the power to save it?"
The man interrupted him when he left at night before he finished talking.
She smiled when she saw the man’s eyes flashing.
Seeing that he smiled speciously and coldly like cool thin, she thought she might have guessed what he would say next.
I don’t want to.
Is that right?
That’s how he answered her once.
Unexpectedly, not this time.
The man looked at her and shook his head with a chuckle. "Don’t you feel strange at night?" First, I didn’t push Qiao Dai out; Second, Qiao Dai is the scapegoat for you; You, in turn, begged me to let her go. "
Night away from face slightly sluggish sluggish didn’t say anything.
She also knows that she is strange, but she can’t help it
Qiao Dai is a phoenix shadow ink, which can’t be blamed on him. He is good for her, and he doesn’t know these things.
She can’t let Feng Ying Mo think of a way to get Qiao Dai out again.
In this situation, people can’t have a way to kill the emperor except in control of heaven and life.
"Is it too greedy to leave you at night?"
The setting sun is setting all over the building, and red men are staring at her in the afterglow of the setting sun and never let her get up.
"While you are doing the scenery for the night spirit to marry Feng Ying Mo, the hostess of Fengfu enjoys the man’s love for women, and at the same time, she is doing the first day in the ring workshop. The owner of Fangfang enjoys the world’s worship of senior officials. Now you have successfully stepped on others’ shoulders and tried to save the person you stepped on. Do you want to be safe and gain her loyalty and gratitude at the same time?"
The man pressed his chest slightly up and down.
Night away some unbelievable to see him was shocked by his words.
He is angry, she knows that he is angry, and she knows that.
She didn’t know that she was such a person in his eyes.
Seeing her gaze at him without saying a word, he laughed coldly. "What? Am I wrong? I really underestimated you when I left you at night. Do you know that I kept the night spirit prisoner just to let the night spirit come out of Fengfu, and you, a good sister who keeps saying that night spirit, should not cooperate with me to find a way to get the night spirit out of these troubles and live a peaceful life as before? And what did you do? "
The man gritted his teeth at night and the centrifugal mouth trembled.
"You don’t care if you are still grounded, and you will be found to be in danger at any time. You have to return to Fengfu as a night spirit and deliberately not return to Jiefang to let people find that the night is missing and let people find that dark tunnel. Don’t you just want to kill two birds with one stone? Not only firmly kept the hostess status of Fengfu, but also demonstrated to me to force me to release the night spirit. "
Night away from shocked to listen to has not been out.
It turned out that this man had been found missing at night, and the secret passage was found on purpose, but she deliberately demonstrated to him.
No wonder he didn’t even want to investigate that day, so he wanted to directly decide the crime of "absconding at night for fear of sin"
"Whether the emperor believes it or not, it was an accident."
She doesn’t want to explain either.
But she really wants to save Qiaodai.
"I don’t know how to do the night away from the emperor will put QiaoDai? I want the emperor Rao Qiaodai to leave at night to ensure that Qiaodai will leave and never appear again. "