The opponent in the 29th round is Mallorca Mallorca, who is currently ranked 13th in the league.

And Real Madrid played Zaragoza at home and away from Athletic Bilbao in these two rounds, especially in the 29th round of this league, the Basque team away from Athletic Bilbao was very difficult to play.
Changsheng is not really worried about the league, even if he capsized in the gutter in these two rounds, there is nothing to worry about.
Because of the pressure from Real Madrid, it is not much less than Valencia.
They are also faced with the contradiction between the League and the Champions League.
If the winning estimate is correct, Real Madrid should have physical problems by now, and Queiroz should have noticed it.
In this way, he must choose the main attack and give up the other side.
Give up the Champions League or the National League?
I believe Queiroz has been troubled for a while.
Even if Valencia lose two games now, Real Madrid will collapse due to physical fitness sooner or later.
That’s not because Valencia has put pressure on them, but simply because they can’t keep up with the superstars. They can’t even run on the court. How can they compete with other peak-to-peak teams?
In the last five rounds of the league, there is no need for the opponents of Real Madrid to die against Real Madrid. Barcelona has a special interest in playing Real Madrid. La Coruna has relegation and dares to go against the sky. Murcia also has to ensure relegation to the royal society.
These are not the pressures brought by Valencia, are they?
So even if Real Madrid leads Valencia by then, I’m afraid they won’t get good results.
It is because I am familiar with the future trend that I have the confidence to make a choice to give up the league temporarily, and it is not necessarily to give up, but I don’t pay so much attention to the normal attitude and still play how I usually play.
On March 13th, the 20th round of the League kicked off. The first game was Real Madrid vs Zaragoza at home.
After 90 minutes of fierce fighting, Real Madrid won 21 at home.
The Valencia game is the last game of the round of the league, and they are head-to-head with Real Madrid.
Valencia beat Certa 2 away.
Both sides won the ball, and the gap in points still didn’t pull.
The next two teams will have a direct dialogue in the middle of the week.
Valencia vs Real Madrid in the King’s Cup Final at Camp Nou.
This is a strong dialogue.
Real Madrid wants revenge and Valencia?
Their goal is bigger, and it may scare people to death-they are going to hit the triple crown!
"Did I tell you this before?" Before the game against Real Madrid, Chang Sheng said to his players, "But I’ll just say it again here-what is our goal for the season?" Maybe some people will think it’s the league champion? Not bad, our goal is not only the league title, but also the Champions League and the King’s Cup! It’s the triple crown! "
The Valencia players were scared to death when they heard Chang Sheng say this. They just looked at Chang Sheng.
Not only they but also the coaches next to them froze.
Triple crown?
Elias Dominique, a physical fitness coach from Germany, touched Rudy Gonzalez and asked him, "How many trebles have there been in Spanish football history?"
Rudy Gonzalez shook his head. "None …"
Everyone just looked at winning.
"This guy has a big heart!" Rudy Gonzalez finally sighed.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine Bring them down
Triple crown is a very ambitious goal. Before that, no team in Spanish football could win triple crown.
And the most important thing is that now it is a Champions League, and the other two champions are within reach.
This makes Valencia players feel that it is possible, so they are also motivated to do it in training.
However, the outside world does not know what Valencia is trying to achieve.
When the outside media are still speculating about the final of the King’s Cup, Valencia players are thinking, "We are not just a King’s Cup, our goal is to win the triple crown!"
They feel very proud, very proud
As if they had a great secret.
In this way, the King’s Cup final came.
"It is not the first time that Valencia and Real Madrid have met in the final of the King’s Cup. The Bernabeu battle two seasons ago was particularly memorable. What will be the result this time?"
Before the game, the commentator was guessing what the next game would be like.
For Real Madrid, this is their chance for revenge.
But Chang Sheng thinks more.
He felt that it was an act of god to meet Real Madrid in the final of the King’s Cup.
He can squeeze real Madrid’s physical strength in this king’s cup final and squeeze their last physical strength!
Let Real Madrid come before the crash!
So Valencia did not send the main force in this game, but chose eleven players with the best physical fitness, and they formed the starting lineup of this game.
This game always wins by offering a mad dog. The tactics are different from the general mad dog tactics.
In the dressing room before the game, Chang Sheng decided the tactical focus of the game with his players for the last time.
"Run and run! Run fast and fast! Remember not to let the football stop, don’t let yourselves stop! "