"Sure enough, there is a soldier’s father who has good motor cells. Anyone who is so small and moves so fast can be a special soldier like his father when she grows up," Feng Hongwei said in her ear.

"What are you talking about?" Yuanyuan has no intention of letting the wind know that Fanfan can raise Fanfan herself.
"To tell you the truth, I really feel that the wind has no vision," Feng Hongwei said, not afraid of death. "It’s not as good as you to see that doctor Ye. Look, you have to have a face, a figure and a beautiful figure!"
Yuanyuan sneered, "You can’t dislike men and women!"
"Don’t look at me like that. I’m your best friend. I just mean it." Feng Hongwei laughed.
"When did you become my best friend again?" Yuanyuan asked with a smile.
"I have always forgotten that we have the closest sisterhood? If you let me be a michel platini, we will be closer. "Feng Hongwei laughed.
This person is really dead. Yuanyuan was in distress situation. When Feng Hongwei took her shoulder, she didn’t refuse.
I really don’t know when she didn’t treat Feng Hongwei as a man before she could tolerate his occasional intimate behavior.
"Miss Song, what a coincidence." Ye Nan didn’t know when she came over with a wind and a Xu Haibing at hand.
Yuanyuan turned to see this scene. What a harmonious family. She said, "Yes, what a coincidence."
"It’s quite a coincidence that today is family day, and everyone comes out to play with their children." Feng Hongwei replied with a close hug to Yuanyuan.
Feng just saw Yuanyuan and Feng Hongwei together, chatting happily. If it weren’t for Dongdong telling him that Feng Hongwei likes men, he would really recognize them as a couple, and he couldn’t help wondering if Feng Hongwei really likes men.
"Yes, we just visited a children’s shopping mall over there." Ye Nan smiled and "bought something for Bingbing."
Yuanyuan replied that she was a little heartless. She had to pay attention to her daughter’s situation and said, "Then I won’t bother you. Bye."
The wind looked at Yuanyuan and looked into the children’s paradise. "Do you also bring children to play?"
"Yes! And we plan to have another child? Are you right, Yuaner? " Feng Hongwei said and kissed Yuanyuan on the cheek.
Yuanyuan took a silly look at Feng Hongwei. Did he play too much?
Fengnao was hit hard-what did he call her? Yuaner? He found that he had an impulse to punch in the past, and she deserved to die and let him call him that and flirt with this man.
Didn’t you say no? Isn’t Feng Hongwei gay? It’s not gay to look at it like this now
Suddenly, Fanfan was knocked down by another girl over there and corrected her hair. Yuanyuan couldn’t calm down and said to them, "Sorry, I won’t hinder you from shopping."
There have been workers over there who pulled the girl Yuanyuan and rushed in. Fanfan didn’t cry and was scratched with a trace, but the girl who looked worse than her had several traces of her hair and face.
The girl cried in pain when she was caught, but Fan Fan looked puzzled and stared at her sister. She started it. Why are you crying?
"Fanfan, do you feel pain?" Yuanyuan saw that her daughter’s braids were messed up, and there were red marks that made her feel bad.
"It doesn’t hurt that my sister wants to rob my doll, and she cries." Fanfan pointed to her sister and looked at Mommy puzzled.
"Well, my sister is naughty, but she is the most lovely." Yuanyuan picked up her daughter and the girl’s parents came.
"Baby doesn’t hurt anymore!" The mother looked at her daughter crying so sadly and glared at Yuanyuan angrily. "What did you do? Parents actually started beating people. I don’t know if there is a tutor."
Yuanyuan sneered that she knew her daughter very well, but her daughter wouldn’t beat people around. She said, "Everyone can see that your daughter is several years older than my daughter, and who is bullying who?" There should be closed-circuit television here! We will see who is right and whose children have no tutor! "
"That’s right, our family has been injured, and now we are going to the hospital for medical examination. My horse will inform the lawyer to let the lawyer handle it." Feng Hongwei dares to bully his most precious baby, and he wants them to pay ten times the price.
The other party was obviously scared and banned for a while.