After some consideration, Jinyang finally decided to enter Nanbu Island first. Although this way is a narrow escape, it is better than Xi Niu He Zhou’s ten deaths. Besides, Jinyang has a big advantage that others don’t know, that is, Vulcan Zhu Rong was born in Nanbu Island since childhood, and no one knows this continent better than him.

There are many genies in Nanshan Prefecture, and Jinyang doesn’t want to make more trouble. He secretly ordered a dust of 36 pro-health departments to hide their breath, and only released Li Sanren, the head of Shor Kilo, which is probably similar to the fairy order, to sit quietly in the blood cloud and practice meditation.
In this way, the strongest breath in the crowd became Hades The Hunger, the old ghost, and the blood cloud was controlled by Hades himself. The Hunger, the old ghost, became a sticky blood fog bag, and everyone wrapped up the hidden eyes and ears and flew south at the same time.
Hades deliberately avoided those Daimon Masaru factions, who would take a detour when they met the Guardian Mountain Array.
Because the people’s foot boundary is still in the central imperial domain, some monsters are also ordinary small demons. They are the best, but they have just reached the realm of Jin Xian, where they can fight for Hades, who has a first-class magic weapon. All of them were slaughtered by him and finally became a supplement.
The Hunger’s old ghost was excited all the way. He learned from that Yi that the altar of the Great The Hunger Shintoism was set up in the middle of Nanbu to see the mood. Even a master like him could not help but feel a little excited.
In this way, the blood cloud finally arrived at a huge river in the evening of three days, and motioned for everyone to slowly descend the cloud in Jinyang for simple cultivation.
A piece of land was found by the river, and a lot of dry wood was picked up, which gave birth to three flavors of real fire. Two people walked towards the forest by the river to catch some game, which was cooked by bald plum for dinner today.
Although all the people have become immortals and demons, after all, they have just soared to heaven and can’t break the temptation of whole grains, especially when Hades and others bring a lot of good wine, red wine and white wine in their bags.
The biggest reason why Jinyang chose the riverside rest place is that across the river, it is the boundary of Nanshanbuzhou.
Across the river, at the moment, the central god domain is different. After all, the central god domain is at the foot of heaven, and there are many decent masters. There is no room for the roots of monsters. Jinyang and others are all smooth sailing along the way, but they are all small demons, but across the river, they are enchanting.
In a short time, I don’t know where I caught a white deer, a spirit beast. It’s a celestial species that is two or three points bigger than a human elephant. It weighs more than ten tons. Bald Li stripped his fur and pulled out the dirt, and then put it on a three-flavor real fire to slowly bake it.
When it was half-cooked, Bald Lee actually took out a lot of seasonings, slowly cut venison with flying swords, sprinkled some seasonings on the incision, and then put a layer of high-grade white wine on the deer body. Suddenly, the meat was so fragrant that Hades and others swallowed their saliva. Even the magic eagle and others who had not eaten for hundreds of years could not help but look at the half-cooked deer body.
Not the kui is a three-flavor fire. It took only half an hour to roast the white deer with more than ten tons of heavy land until it was mature and thick, and the smell of meat kept drifting out, which could be smelled for miles in Fiona Fang.
Although mature, I can’t stand it. Kilo has already taken out his flying sword and gently cut half a catty of barbecue. Then he gently dropped the flying sword and acted as a meat fork to drop the barbecue. It tasted slowly and took out the red wine collected in another dimension. The fragrance was stronger and the piece floated into the river to attract the attention of inanimate objects.
Just before all the people cut a little barbecue, take out the red wine and prepare to drink a few mouthfuls. Suddenly, an evil wind blew over them, and they suddenly became nervous. Even Jinyang frowned slightly, and his eyes were fiercely staring at the river only a few tens of meters away.
Heaven Volume Chapter 35 River Demon One
Heaven Volume Chapter 35 River Demon One
Jinyang looked a little nervous and threw a red wine bottle at him. He quickly jumped up and walked quickly to the river. He stared at the turbulent river and somehow felt a sense of danger.
When I saw Jinyang so carefully, all the people were alarmed, especially when The Hunger’s old ghost was with Jinyang. It was the longest time to see Jinyang so nervous. I rushed into the river to find out, but I was able to look at Jinyang, hoping to get some answers from him to solve my doubts.
Feel strange magic eagle quickly make all the pro-guards quickly scattered around the Jinyang to round and round, and dozens of gods condensed into a carpet to shoot across the river, but still a gain was very strange in everyone’s heart, but no one showed it because of Jinyang.
Jinyang’s mind is even more puzzled. He has searched Fiona Fang Shili River for a long time, but he has found nothing. Not only can he not find the enemy, but there is no creature in the river for several miles. No matter whether it is the devil who cultivates Tao or the wise livestock, it has disappeared.
As time goes on, Jinyang’s heart becomes more and more anxious to find out where the enemy is. This kind of strong feeling can really drive people crazy, but the feeling of danger has never receded, and as time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that the enemy is approaching.
Suddenly, one gold, one silver, and two pieces of ground end to end, breaking the surface Jinyang is hard to detect, and the speed is coming towards the barbecue place. Jinyang feels that his mind is violently shaken and his whole body is colder than he can’t move in an instant. An ancient deep memory emerges from the depths of his mind and suddenly shouts, "Don’t block it."
But the speed of the two beams is too fast. As soon as the Jinyang words were exported, the two beams of gold and silver had already passed through the chest of two pro-guards, brushed by his other door with a bit of blood smell, and then wrapped the roasted deer. The wind turned around and the light flashed back into the river.
Jinyang looked at the white deer, which was bigger than the elephant, and plunged into the river. Instead of starting a wave and chasing it, it was anxious to fly to the two pro-guards. After some careful investigation, it was not surprising that the two pro-guards had already died, and the Vulcan body was directly destroyed. The essence was also sucked clean, leaving the flesh as hard as ice.
Jinyang suddenly looked at his hands in the river with red eyes and cold eyes. The golden orange phlogistic Yang Zhen fire suddenly spewed out two bodies and instantly turned to ashes. I regretted it in my heart. If I could restore this memory earlier, this would not happen.
The magic eagle didn’t come, but when I saw two people suddenly die and even the bodies were turned to ashes, I woke up suddenly. My face suddenly changed like a real murderous look, and I didn’t hesitate to blaster into the river and follow those two lights. I roared in my mouth, "Damn beast, I swear I won’t kill you today."
Jinyang got up with an expression on his face and said coldly to the people behind him, "Dust, you watch them and try to hide their breath. Try not to be enemies, Hades. You come with me. It seems that we are too careful. If I release my breath early, these two animals should not have the guts to kill my people in front of me."
Before the dust could react, Jinyang rolled up a blast of hot air and resisted Hades’ blaster into the river. The spirit followed the magic eagle and dived to the bottom of the river.
When the water is broken, the golden sun will burst into flames, and a chill will burst into the body, and the meridians everywhere will be necrotic and broken.
Jinyang was in a hurry to transport the phlogistic Cindy Yang fire to wrap the cold, which didn’t turn into ice, but Hades had already become hard ice. Jinyang didn’t dare to drive the phlogistic Cindy Yang fire to wrap Hades to help him get rid of the cold.
Watching Hades recover quickly, Jinyang hurriedly arranged a thin layer of inflamed Cindy Yang fire around the two people, and then slowly observed that the surrounding temperature was at least several hundred degrees, but the river was still flowing without any signs of ice formation, which was really weird.
While diving in the golden sun quickly, I thought in my mind that the two rays of gold and silver just now, if I remember correctly, should be the specialty of the fresh water river, bighead carp, to cultivate a great monster. No wonder there are no creatures in Fiona Fang for miles so cold that even ordinary water monsters can’t stand it. Those ordinary aquatic animals.
Bighead carp and bighead carp come in and out in pairs, showing gold and silver. After being captured, the yogi can eat it immediately and find a aura. Plenty of luck in refining the truth will be several times more concise than before, and he will be more sensitive to the aura of heaven and earth. It is definitely a first-class good baby.
If you are lucky enough to catch the refined bighead carp, take out its Dan and keep it, you should be able to take care of it when you are seriously injured, which is definitely better than the general panacea.
Bighead and bighead carp like fire food most, but they usually live in extremely hot mountains, but they are extremely yin. They are not breathing the cold of nine yin all the time, and they can even blow up the wind of nine yin. If there is no preventive situation, even ordinary Jin Xian experts will be miserable, and finally they will be sucked dry.
Just now, the nine-yin Gangfeng and the two people who were killed froze their bodies. Jinyang was even more sure that the murderer was the two strange fish. I didn’t expect that I was kind enough to let everyone have a rest, but it hurt the lives of the two people. "The cow beast must pull out your skin today to vent my hatred."
In a short time, Jinyang two people chased the magic eagle and saw that the magic eagle’s eyes were ferocious and the whole body ignited a fierce inflammation. The true fire was holding a fairy-level black mountain knife, which was more than ten feet long and slammed forward.
Magic eagle has a Jin Xian intermediate level and this fairy level multiplier is generally banned. It must be irresistible. To Jinyang’s surprise, the knife mans just split out less than half a foot and was blocked by a thin golden light. The black knife mans suddenly broke and didn’t have the slightest effect.
The magic eagle suddenly became more furious, and the muscles in his body suddenly burst into a crazy roar. The mountain knife in his hand followed more than doubled, and the burning inflammation and the true fire spewed out from the blade. The dark blade became even more frightening and got up the strength to chop again.
The knife slammed into the screen, and the fire and thunder exploded together. However, the screen was slightly dissipated. After the aftermath of the explosion was dispersed, the strong vitality in the surrounding rivers suddenly gathered to repair the broken screen.
Celestial Volume Chapter 36 River Demon II
Celestial Volume Chapter 36 River Demon II