Shen Menglu received Yan Yi’s lonely expression in his eyes, but he didn’t guess his true mood. When he was troubled by Yan Hong Shu Yu, Shen Menglu felt guilty.

In fact, this is not the first time that Yan Yi has shown such a lost expression. Since Yan Hong Shuyu disappeared, Yan Yi has become increasingly lonely and not as free and easy as before.
"Yan Gong, you are famous for your fragrant Zhai. I wonder if you are interested in chain stores?" It’s a taboo to wash jade if you can’t finish it. Shen Menglu doesn’t want to cut her own throat, so there is no extra idea
At the same time, Shen Menglu also revived the plan to build a commercial street. At the beginning, the idle land in front of shenjiamen was planned to be built in the commercial street. Nain was silent and Liu Ruyun was jailed, and Xie Wanzhen and Shen Menglu were put on hold when they left Shenyang. Now that the overall situation is set, Shen Menglu thinks it is not bad to pick up this plan again.
When I heard Shen Menglu’s question, a light flashed in Yan Yiyi’s eyes. "What does Empress Mu Fei mean?"
Shen Menglu told Yan Yi about the preparation of the commercial street and expressed his willingness to pay for the land. Yan Yiyi built a new branch of Fangxiangzhai.
Yan Yi still didn’t digest the news, but Chu Daian excitedly circled Yan Yi’s neck. "Brother Yi Yi didn’t refuse such a good opportunity! In this way, we are neighbors! "
Once the commercial street is completed, it will inevitably reappear!
What does loneliness mean in Yan Yiyi’s eyes? Shen Menglu didn’t understand Chu Dai ‘an, but he saw it very clearly. Yan Yiyi’s world is too pure, either black or white, and his mind is too simple. He just loves and doesn’t know how to hide and hide, but it is this that children are more vulnerable to love.
Yan Yiyi is too simple. He is infatuated with Shen Menglu, but he doesn’t expect to have her. Her happiness is his happiness. She is his happiness. It is enough for Yan Yiyi to see her smile from a distance.
Frankly speaking, Yan Yi is more distressing than his own Chu Dai ‘an, so a beautiful child should not meet Shen Menglu, because two overly beautiful people will never have a fate!
Frankly speaking, handing over the search for Yan Hong Shu Yu to Zhu Yinzhen, Yan Yi, is not so relieved. After all, Zhu Yinzhen is too expensive and can’t concentrate.
Shen Menglu bit his lip gently and felt that Yan Yi’s statement made sense, so he didn’t insist on "All right, Yan Gong, come with me and meet me!"
"Mo Li has seen Mu Fei’s Empress!" Don’t leave your face and endure anxiety, but after seeing Shen Menglu, he still saluted her respectfully.
Shen Menglu motioned Mo Li to sit down. "Is Mo Li what happened to Prince Qi?"
After Zhu Yinqi’s position was abolished, he was demoted. Prince Dezong of Qi intended to rebuild Zhu Yinqi’s mansion, but Zhu Yinqi refused. Now Zhu Yinqi still lives in the clan mansion, but there is less freedom restriction before.
Mo Li shook his head. "He’s fine in the temple. Mo Li came here on a personal matter to find Empress Mu Fei!" Although Zhu Yinqi is not too detached, he is used to the temple and it is difficult to change his mind at the moment.
Shen Menglu didn’t care about his appellation, and she was relieved to learn that Zhu Yinqi had hindered her. Zhu Yinqi’s report from Taitai has not been less coldly these days. Shen Menglu is somewhat worried that he will have a hard time psychologically. After all, he is wearing a younger generation with this jade crown.
In fact, Shen Menglu’s worry is redundant, too good for the king of Qi, and there is not much difference for Zhu Yinqi. Maybe it is because Zhu Yinqi has been preparing for work for too long, and maybe he has been mentally prepared for so many years, and he has long been tired of the total waste, and Zhu Yinqi’s reaction is very calm when he goes to Zongren House.