Summer flowers took the silver ticket and turned to go. The boss said in a hurry, "Little Niang, you should follow us to the other side."

Xia Hua turned her head and smiled coldly. "Who said anything about going with you?"
"Hey, you little girl won’t come with me when she gets my money. This is robbery!" The boss’s face has some anger.
"What if I just robbed you?" Summer flowers still sneer.
"Boss, don’t talk to this little girl. She is the hard way."
Eldest brother seems to be a little reluctant to tie a rope to Xia Hua and glanced at Xia Hua Dao "Xiao Niang, I’ll give you one last chance. Will you come with me or not? Don’t make me get rough, uncle. I’ve always been very passionate. "
Xia Hua’s feet moved slightly, and the boss felt a sharp pain between the eyebrows. I don’t know what hit him. One or two eyes turned "flop" and he fell to the ground and splashed dust.
When the other men in black look at the boss inexplicably falling down and look at the summer flowers again, they suddenly have a sense of fear. This is a very beautiful and very weak little girl. Why do you look a little gloomy like a terrible ghost?
"Brothers, don’t be afraid to catch this little girl’s glistening for five hundred and twenty silver." Someone shouted.
As soon as those people heard the five hundred and twenty pieces of silver, they got up the courage to attack the summer flowers together. Those people didn’t even see the little girl move.
What’s the feeling of Niang? Suddenly, sand and stones are flying, and they feel that they are hurt by something all over.
A man shouted "ghost-"and ran away clutching his ass.
Others are even more afraid when they hear this, and even dare not look at the summer flowers one by one. They have not run away yet, and a stone has hit them, one by one.
It doesn’t take a cup of tea for the boss to turn around. The man in black has been tied by Xia Hua to a ruined temple on the side of the road. The man in black looks at Xia Hua and her eyes, which seem to know the world. His face is appalled.
The little girl looked at her beautiful eyes with a terrible chill, though she was weak, and said, "You … What do you want to do?"
"Who told you to come?" A cold drink of summer flowers
"Little Niang feed dry we have this line of rules must not betray the mistress, please give me a break."
"Don’t say cut off your tongue." Summer flowers touched a swinging dagger and waved it in front of the boss.
"Grandmother, I called you Grandmother. I really can’t say that you can give me a break. I am ten years old …"
"You have a ten-year-old mother and a three-year-old baby?" Xia Hua took the words.
The boss suddenly choked, and Xia Hua patiently put the dagger in his hand and smiled coldly. "Do you think I should dig your eyes first or cut your tongue first?"
"Tell me about it. Tell me about it." The boss was scared out of his wits and hurriedly said, "It’s Li Tianyou, the gentleman of the Li family in Qingshui Town."
"So it’s him," Xia Huawei nodded and asked, "Did he ask you to tie me up everywhere?"
"Just … just in a small village not far from here … Zhuang …"
"How to get there?"
"Go east for less than a mile and you will see a small … hillside, and then there is a village …" The boss swallowed a mouthful of water.
Summer flowers turn cold and disappear into the night.
It didn’t take a moment for her to see a small village, and the lights inside were slightly visible through the window.
A man in black stumbled and ran in. It was the fish that got through the net. He shouted, "Master Li, that little girl …"
"Did you bring that little girl?" Li Tianyou sound slightly with excitement.
"Take … take a fart" men in black panting "that little girl turned out to be a ghost … ghost …"
"Bullshit. How can a girl be a ghost?" Li Tianyou folded a drink.
"If she wasn’t a ghost, where did she get the strength to beat us out of the water together? Now the boss and all the brothers are still in her hand, and even the skin will be peeled off for her." The black dress person trembled and said.
"Xiaoyou, what girl is not a girl?" Summer flowers heard a heavy sound again.
Li Tianyou some didn’t good the spirit way "which girl is not the sixth brother during the day you value that girl!"
"Nonsense!" Step by step, the sound is cold and heavy.
"Brother Liu, I just want to catch that girl to make you * * * * It’s just a little girl. I didn’t know she was so powerful!" Say that finish Li Tianyou walked to the front of the black dress person kicked him hard, "nothing to roll-"
The man rolled and crawled away.
"It’s just that you’re fooling around on weekdays, but now you don’t even have any sense of proportion, so you’re not allowed to hit that girl again."
"Brother Liu, you just like that girl. Why don’t you get it?" Then he slapped himself in the mouth and was very angry. "It’s all my fault for underestimating the little girl. I thought she was a woman hunting nature. Some kung fu institutes just sent someone to catch her, but I didn’t even catch a hair."
"That’s enough!" The colder it gets, the colder it gets. "Don’t you touch her again!"
Li Tianyou’s depressed face mumbled something, and the more he didn’t talk, the more angry he left.
Xia Hua wanted to teach that Li Tianyou a lesson. She thought that the man really hurt her. It was worse for her to do more than one thing. Besides, she was too lazy to care about such a mentally ill person and left quietly.
When she left, she didn’t know that she had sent someone to sneak into her house in the dark. She wanted to send a master to find out the summer flowers in the dark, and she didn’t want this small family in this small rural area to hide a peerless master. Everyone he sent was poisoned, and one man came back with a hard support and reported the situation. Everyone else died on the road.
His trip is a step-by-step trip. Now the emperor doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead, but he has been missing for half a year. Recently, it has been reported to the capital that step-by-step trip is in Baitou Village, which is absolutely bad news for both the emperor who is bent on winning the throne and the tenth emperor’s brother. No matter who wants to fight for the throne, they must solve the step-by-step trip trip.
Although BuLiXi is a fool now, it’s hard to guarantee that one day this fool will wake up and avoid future trouble forever. He came here in person to help ten brothers BuQianHe solve the scourge of BuLiXi.