"Liu Qing, what’s wrong with you?"

Nan Lichuan pouted and explained to him, "Nan Haochen had an accident!"
Zhuge Yue was a little flustered when he heard it. "What’s going on?"
"The newspaper said that a housekeeper in Nanjia revealed that Nanhao Chen was buried by his mother who drank too much medicine, and Nanhao Chen’s father was going to divorce his mother …"
Zhuge Yue hurriedly went to shake Liu Qing’s hand, only to find that her hands and feet were cold. She must be still worried that Nan Haochen was in silence now!
Zhuge Yue called her several times before she reacted, but she was determined to come over. "I’m going to save Nan Haochen."
Zhuge Yue knew how easy it was to talk, but she couldn’t let it go so easily!
Then nodded "good! You still have us and we will go with you! "
Nanjia is more and more heavily guarded because of Nanhaochen’s long sleep!
But these nimble Zhuge Yue, their roots are nothing but three, five and two, and they just climbed over the wall and came in!
But after searching for a long time, I couldn’t find the trace of Nan Haochen. Zhuge Yue estimated that Nan Dad had hidden Nan Haochen in a dark room!
Nan Haochen’s deep sleep at the moment is just a good time for some kidnappers to kidnap him!
Just Nan Haochen told her that she knew where Nan Haochen was!
But when I walked to the door of Nan Dad’s room, someone was actually Nan Mom crying, "I can’t leave you! You abandoned me and let me go where on earth is an old man of this age? "
Nan’s father said bitterly, "You are so cruel to Hao Chen and have you ever thought about your scene?"
"You …"
It is not easy for so many people to get in, so Zhuge Yue can wait for the opportunity!
When so many bodyguards brought Nan’s mother out, Zhuge Yue decided to go in neatly, and several people cooperated fully. As soon as Zhuge Yue rushed in, Nan Lichuan stunned Nan’s father when he wanted to shout, and then tied his hands and stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth to prevent him from making too much noise!
Zhuge Yue turned the wall behind the candlestick flash painting on the desktop and clearly saw the faint candlelight inside!
A few people came in softly and saw the bed pale. South Hao Chen Liu Qing immediately jumped "South Hao Chen … you are quick to wake up …"
A voice suddenly sounded behind him, "Who are you?"
Everyone didn’t expect that Dr. Chen was also in this secret room …
But can’t come. As soon as Dr. Chen shouted, someone rushed in and surrounded them. Chapter 74: Eyes are diabolical (3)
But they couldn’t come. As soon as Dr. Chen shouted, someone rushed in and surrounded them!
Liu Qing did not want to hold Nan Haochen tightly in her arms!
At this moment, Nan’s father has also been loosened and glared at them. "Who are you?"
Zhuge Yue can also come up with a killer at the moment. "South Dad, I am Zhuge Yue …"
South dad couldn’t help laughing, but it was that terrible sneer. "When am I stupid? Zhuge Yue died three years ago, otherwise my family Hao Chen wouldn’t be like this … "
Zhuge Yue looked at Nan Dad impartially. "At that time, Nan Haochen said that I was Zhuge Yue. Didn’t you have a little doubt?"
Nan Dad’s eyes are thin and Zhuge Yue’s face is sweeping. He has seen Zhuge Yue, the first girlfriend Nan Haochen brought home. Nan Haochen once told him that he was going to marry her!
At that time, he immediately remembered Zhuge Yue’s clever eyes. Now it seems that although the appearance is different, the eyes are indeed similar!
He raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhuge Yue. "What do you want?"
"We’re here to save Nan Haochen."
South dad thought for a moment and then let the bodyguards shoot "good! If you can save Nan Haochen in 30 minutes, then I will believe you and let you go! "
ZhuGeYue is very confident about this "good! I promise you! "
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