Gu Jiujiu immediately filled a bowl and handed it to Song Yuyan. "Sobbing up the hangover soup is also good for your stomach. It’s good for your stomach to drink," she said.

Song Yuyan looked at this black thing in the bowl and really doubted that it was definitely nourishing the stomach. Instead of drinking his stomach?
Seeing his hesitation, she said, "Come on, my mother often cooks this special hangover soup for my father. Believe me, it’s really no problem!" " She vowed to say
Section 4
Chapter I felt strange for the first time.
Song Yuyan looked at her sparkly big eyes and looked down at the things in the bowl for a moment and then drank them.
It would have been bitter, but I didn’t expect a little sweetness.
Gu Jiujiu watched him drink and smiled. He hurriedly took Song Yuyan’s bowl and gave him a little more. "You drink more. I think your stomach trouble seems to be quite severe. People with stomach trouble should pay more attention to nourishing their stomachs. I know that a big businessman like you has more social intercourse and entertainment, but you should control your drinking, otherwise your body will collapse and business will not be done." She is like a sparrow.
Song Yuyan looked at her deep eyes as if she wanted to suck in all her sounds and features.
Just now, her little smile swept over his heart like a feather, which made his heart feel strange for the first time.
Just when Gu Jiujiu wanted to clean the pots and bowls, Song Yuyan pulled her over. "Just let the servant do it." Without giving her any room to refuse, she pulled her out of the kitchen.
Gu Jiujiu was pulled back to the room by him. She looked at the man with full aura, and the atmosphere was really awkward. She scratched her head. "I went to bed." Then she ran to the bed and got into bed.
As soon as she ran to the bed, she got into the quilt and wrapped herself like a cicada pupa.
Song Yuyan looked at the bed and the little man looked soft. A little smile appeared on his lips and then he turned into the bathroom.
In the next few days, if Song Yuyan stays at home, Gu Jiujiu will cook something for him to drink, all of which are stomach-nourishing soup.
Of course, she did so in the case that Song Yuyan did not exclude it.
Gu Jiujiu cooked soup for him for a few days, and he was not bored. He drank it, and suddenly he felt that this man did not seem so difficult to get along with.
"What are you thinking?" Men are cold and sound up.
Gu Jiujiu realized that she had been staring at the man for a long time. She was a little embarrassed and quickly moved her eyes "nothing."
And the man obviously didn’t want to let her go easily. A pair of deep eyes looked at her with dribbling eyes.
"I don’t think you are as terrible as I heard."
Although it is a little scary for a man to be cold on weekdays, on the whole, it doesn’t make her feel as terrible as the outside world. At best, it’s a little cold and unpredictable, and he himself has a deterrent and is not angry and arrogant.
After she finished this sentence, Song Yuyan’s lip angle showed a slight smile.
His smile fell into her eyes.
Unlike what she had seen before, his smile was gloomy and terrible, but beautiful and charming.
"Well … actually, you look really good when you smile." She looked at him and muttered something absently.
For a second, she was suddenly pulled over by him and she had to sit on his leg.
She was shocked and struggled to go, but her waist became stronger. The man’s big hand had buckled her waist and made her unable to move.
"Song … Song Yuyan" her little hand unconsciously grabbed his clothes.
Song Yuyan looked at her, and her little face was a little reddish because of shyness, like a freshly ripe apple, which made people want to pick it.
Chapter 9 I don’t want my wife to be afraid of me
The outside world talks about him. He doesn’t know everything. Even if he knows others, he is mostly in awe of him, as if he were a scourge.
He never cared what others thought of him, but now … he cares not about others but about the little people in his arms.
He doesn’t want her to be afraid of him.
"Don’t be afraid of me." His thin lips gently spit out four words.
These four words are more like orders than discussions!
Gu Jiujiu leng leng didn’t react Song Yuyan this at the moment.
"Did you hear that?" His thin lips are light
Gu Jiujiu just came to her senses. After she came to her senses, she blurted out, "What?"
"I don’t want my wife to be afraid of me?" He Dao
Gu Jiujiu took a sip of his lips and then nodded, but then he remembered something that seemed to look at him. "Then don’t always be so cold after you … I won’t be afraid of you."
The way she bargained made him feel so cute. Nai chuckled, "I’ll try."
Gu Jiujiu was even more surprised to hear that he had promised himself. She really felt that she could not understand Song Yuyan more and more.
"You are quick to drink soup, it will be bad if it gets cold," she urged.
Song Yuyan nodded and let her go.
Gu Jiujiu is also on the right track in Song’s work, and he is very happy to work with music.
"jiujiu, you look so pale. Are you okay?" Jiang Ya saw that she was pale and worried and asked
Gu Jiujiu shook his head and pulled out a smile. "It’s all right when relatives come."
"Then drink more hot water. If you feel really uncomfortable, tell the supervisor to take a half-day off," Jiang Yaxin said.
Gu Jiujiu nodded his head.
Just as Jiang Ya was about to turn around and leave, Xiang Jiaqi came along.
"jiujiu, I still have some urgent things to deal with. This is Miss Wang’s urgent score. Could you please send it to this address?" Xiang Jiaqi put a score and a piece of paper in front of Gu Jiujiu.
Jiang Ya cast a glance at the note and frowned when he saw the address written on it. "Xiang Jiaqi, jiujiu is not feeling well. You’d better find someone else."
Xiang Jiaqi glanced at Gu Jiujiu contemptuously and then said, "So delicate? How long has it been here? It’s just that the back door is different. People are more expensive than us. jiujiu, I really can’t look around, so you are more idle. Everyone has something to do. Please help. "
Xiang Jiaqi’s sarcastic remarks made Jiang Ya very angry and impatient, so she had to have a good theory with her.
"Ya, I’m fine." Gu Jiujiu got up and picked up the table music and a note. "I’ll go and take a taxi."
Jiang Ya worried about looking at her "jiujiu, are you ok? You look terrible. "
Gu Jiujiu smiled gently and nodded, picked it up and left the office.
When she left the company door, she quickly got into a taxi and leaned against the door. Her delicate eyebrows screwed into a ball.
Gu Jiujiu’s health has been uncomfortable for a long time, and there is still a little bumpy and unstable on the way. Her stomach is like a thread. "Driver, please stop."