"Oh, that’s right, then." Ye Qianlong didn’t know it was Qiu Linlin’s fancy that she bought a stave, but it was just a cover-up

"Ye Qingchen you incredibly dare to touch my staff? You bitch! Give it to me! " A binge drinking from outside Ye Qianlong turned around and saw Qiu Linlin rushing in.
It’s not going to be difficult to come to Ye Qianlong. This guy went back on his word the second Qiu Linlin appeared.
When the man saw Ye Qianlong’s smile at the corner of his mouth, he knew that something was going to happen because he had taken it from Ye Qianlong’s hand and the staff had returned to Ye Qianlong’s hand when he didn’t know it.
"Miss Ye, this, this" man is scared to sweat, and the shopkeeper is not here. If anything happens, he can’t afford to bear it.
"Qiu Linlin, you said this staff was yours. Did this staff write your name?" Ye Qianlong held the stave and put his hands behind him.
Seeing Ye Qianlong like this, Qiu Linlin couldn’t help sneering, "You can’t laugh soon. My grandfather has brought news from the palace, and the imperial edict has been abolished. It is also necessary to make another decision. You don’t want to be too happy to provoke our Tianyan Temple, you and your Prime Minister’s Office. This good day is over."
"Oh yeah? Qiu Linlin, who gave you the courage to say this? Maybe your strength is already so high that you can cover the sky above the yellow? " Ye Qianlong’s voice suddenly rose, and everyone in this shop could hear it clearly.
Qiu Linlin didn’t know anything was cheating. "Sooner or later, this celestial world will be my Tianyan Temple. You are still alive, so cherish every day."
"Oh, the Tianyan Temple is really fierce." Ye Qianlong suddenly smiled and then threw the staff in his hand according to Qiu Linlin. "Since Tianyan Temple is so powerful, I won’t grab this staff with you. After all, I am timid and afraid that someone will punish my Jiuzu."
Qiu Linlin grabbed the staff and was very satisfied with Ye Qianlong’s practice. "You know, it’s good to be afraid. It’s light to punish nine families in Tianyan Temple."
"That makes sense." Ye Qianlong nodded, so he took a common law staff and threw a bag of gold coins at the guy who was opening his mouth and became speechless. He turned and roared off.
"I said Ye …" Qiu Linlin looked back with a staff, but before the words were finished, he stood in the same place because two tall figures at the door turned out to be Dongfang Fanhe Dongfang Lin.
"Your brother’s ability to develop the temple this day is so great that most of them don’t care about our royal family. Why didn’t I know?" Dongfang Lin looked at Qiu Linlin and said this word by word, and then he left the store. His face died of thirst with a cynical smile, but Qiu Linlin felt cold.
"Emperor brother, you don’t know this day, Yan Dian is fierce. If you are unhappy, you will punish Jiuzu." Oriental whoever said this raised his hand and all the exits of this weapons store were sealed.
Chapter two hundred and six Show
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"No, it’s not." Qiu Linlin has been scared silly at this time. She also dares to talk privately. If this is in front of the royal family, she still has to converge, but she never thought that these two emperors would appear in this weapons store.
"It’s Ye Qingchen. Yes, it’s her. She set me up. I didn’t mean that." Qiu Linlin shook her whole body with fear, tugging at her staff tightly.
Dongfang Fan and Dongfang Lin fought to the death in private, but some things still stand in the same position.
Everyone in the shop squatted on the ground with their heads in their hands, and they were afraid to say anything. They just came out to buy a weapon. How could such a bad thing happen?
"From beginning to end Ye Qingchen but didn’t say anything outrageous is that you call names first and then your mouth is crazy? Do you think the emperor is blind? " Dongfang Fan always knew that this day Yan Dian was impure, which caught him and how could it be easily let go?
"Brother, should you be punished for trying to rebel?" Dongfang Lin cold loos way
"Soul-burning punishment" Dongfang Fan sneered and sank. "Take Qiu Linlin back to the palace and wait for his father’s mercy."
"No, you can’t arrest me. If you arrest me, my grandfather will not let you go." Qiu Linlin held the staff tightly and quickly read the spell. When the vines drilled from the ground, they trapped all the followers in the East.
"Still dare to resist? That is, the crime is aggravated. "Oriental’ s speech flies up and flies towards Qiu Linlin.
However, before the East caught Qiu Linlin, he was forced to retreat by a force and looked at Qiu Lao.
Qiu Lao pulled Qiu Linlin back and said coldly, "How dare you bully my granddaughter?"
"Bullying? How can we dare to bully her when you are so capable? Otherwise, if she is unhappy, she will punish my Jiuzu, but I don’t want to die. "Dongfang’s cold way.
Qiu Lao looked at Qiu Linlin as if he had been greatly frightened, and his heart was furious. But he still endured his hand when he came to worship the hall. An imperial edict appeared in his heart. "The emperor has re-purposed that because the master didn’t take part in one time, the gods will choose two people from Qiu Linlin and Ye Qingchen, and three rounds of competitions will be held to win. Many people will become gods. Now Linlin is a candidate for gods. If you attack her, it will be openly against your father."
"Qiu Lao joking since it is my father’s will, I should abide by it, but you can’t protect your baby granddaughter after this sacrifice ceremony." After that, Dongfang Fan took the lead and roared off.
Dongfang Lin looked at Qiu Lao and Qiu Linlin holding hands and smiled gently, "Watch your baby, dead old man."
Then everyone left Qiu Linlin and immediately burst into tears. "Grandpa, it’s a good thing you’re here."
Looking at Qiu Linlin’s pear flower with rain, Qiu Laoxin was heartbroken. "They will disappear completely after offering sacrifices to the main hall. Do you believe grandpa will let you sit in that high position?"
Qiu Linlin smell speech nodded his head, but his eyes were a little distracted in his dark eyes.
"Master, aren’t you worried about your competition with Qiu Linlin?" Gan Kun was lying on the windowsill, feeling that there was no fun to fight against Japan.
"Do you feel worried?" Ye Qianlong knows very well in his heart that although this is a fair competition, this competition is all about that. The man doesn’t even know who he is, but he has a deep friendship with Qiu Linlin. It is impossible to be partial to Qiu Linlin.
"Qiu Linlin is a step wood mage pharmacist and has a magic beast who can weave dreamland" silent low way.
Ye Qianlong speaks with eyebrows. To be honest, if it is better than pharmacology and repairing her, I’m really not afraid of Qiu Linlin. If Qiu Linlin wants to fight with her, it’s even more deadly.
"It’s said that the quantity will come in person during the Japanese competition, master. You should be more careful then." The silent words were just finished when the door was knocked.
Before Ye Qianlong called him in, the familiar figure had entered the house by himself, but this time he didn’t do anything rash. He decided coldly two meters before Ye Qianlong. "I know you’re not Qing Chen, but can you give her back to me?" I won’t keep you from doing things. I swear to my life. "
Ye Qianlong’s tea drinker gave a slight "Oriental Lin, I am Ye Qingchen"
"You when I was an idiot? How many times have I slept with Ye Qingchen? Don’t I know what she looks like? She is not perfect. If you go to the sacrificial hall, it will lead to the destruction of the whole celestial world, but you are not worried that you must not be her. You are not "Dongfang Lin deliberately lowered his voice as if he were worried that others would hear."
"You’re wrong, even if I’m not perfect, I can go to the sacrificial ceremony, because I want to never be peaceful and happy in the divine world, and I want to be destroyed in the divine world." Ye Qianlong looked up and took a sip of his tea, and his eyes made Dongfang Lin feel cold.
"The prime minister mansion people you also no matter? You don’t lie to me. "At this moment, Dongfang Lin thought that he had never known Ye Qingchen because her eyes were too horrible and calm like a backwater, with no waves and no anger.
"You and I don’t know your intention? I hate you, I hate this dirty world, and I want to destroy it. "Ye Qianlong even got a fright when he said this.
Dongfang Lin fists clenched "Qing Chen Me"
He knew that Ye Qingchen knew that he was benefiting her.
"Roll" Ye Qianlong’s hand moved the teacup and flew out of it. The power actually took Dongfang Lin out of the house together and slammed it on the wall outside the courtyard.
The guards in the courtyard immediately surrounded the past, only to find that the fallen man was san huang.
"Mother, what’s wrong with you?" Rose gently rubbed Ye Qianlong’s face, and her eyes were full of worries.
"Actually, instead of her, I have to help her do something she wants to do. If she knows that Dongfang Lin has been benefiting, she is afraid that she will want to kill this man. After all, she has been cheated of her feelings and body, but this man will die if she still lingers in the fireworks."
Ye Qianlong had just finished talking. Fox cocked his head and asked, "Boss, how do you know he has another woman?"
Rose disliked, "Stupid fox, this man smells too much of powder. If my former father had contacted other women, he would have taken a shower and changed clothes before he dared to see his mother."
"Huh?" Ye Qianlong sidelights
Rose was stunned. What did she just say?
Chapter two hundred and seven Out of his legacy
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"Mother, you also know that Dad always doesn’t like to have women near him, but there are always some people who can’t avoid it." Rose was anxious to explain, but the more she explained, the more people smelled shattered glass.
After all, her memory will eventually return to that day, and everything will come out and will not be covered up.
Ye Qianlong didn’t sleep that night. The next morning, Prime Minister Ye waited outside the door early. When he saw Ye Qianlong knocking at the door, he went forward and said, "Miss, I will go with you today."
"You are my father, of course, you want to accompany me." Ye Qianlong took a few steps forward and gently took the arm of Prime Minister Ye. "Do you know who Quantity is?"