How to see how dazzling Luo Yan ran has never been jealous of anyone, but now she is really jealous of Yu Xinlan.

She had never seen such a gentle smile in Nancheng’s face, but he looked like this in every one of these photos she received.
It turned out that he was not incapable of gentleness, but gave it to others.
This time, Luo Yan ran really couldn’t bear it any longer. She directly handed the photos to Jin Yan and Shang An.
Jin Yan and Shang Anlai knew that Nancheng had a woman outside, but that was a few years ago.
The two of them always felt that it was impossible for Nancheng to stop paying attention to this matter after a woman spent too much time.
I didn’t expect her to stay with Nancheng after so long.
"Uncle and aunt, I think it’s hard for me to continue in Wanaki." Luo Yan ran sat on the sofa and looked at the two elders opposite with red eyes. "I’m sorry, uncle and aunt."
"Don’t take this matter to heart" Jin Yan took the initiative to comfort her "Nancheng always likes to play with men and women’s feelings, and this aspect is really not handled well enough. I assure you that this situation will never happen again after your engagement"
Luo Yan ran is a word that his daughter-in-law can not make a choice even if Nancheng doesn’t want to.
Jin Yan has always had a bad impression on Yu Xinlan.
Especially when Feng Qin learned that she had been a mistress, he felt that there was something wrong with this girl.
He didn’t interfere too much when he came to Nancheng for fun. Who knows that he has been playing for so many years, which is really not a good thing.
Although Jin Yan made a guarantee, Luo Yan ran still assured her that she was depressed. "Uncle and aunt actually know the photo person … We married her before she worked in Laofu Company. I have always regarded her as a good friend …"
Speaking of which, Luo Yan ran bit his lip. "I thought my second brother was different from others before, but I didn’t think too much about it. Now I really don’t know what to do. Maybe they love each other so much, so let them be together. I can quit."
"Yan ran silly child say what …"
Shang’ an has regarded Luo Yan ran as her own child. Look at her, so she feels bad.
Shang’ an took Luo Yan ran’s arm and said to her, "Don’t worry, your uncle and I both recognize you as a daughter-in-law. This girl can’t enter our house."
"But the second brother likes her very much. You can see it from the photos." Luo Yan ran kept clutching his fist and tried to bear it.
"No matter how much you like us, you can’t let a girl with a dirty net worth into our house."
Jin Yan sighed, "To be honest, I received photos from others a few years ago, and I know all about what this girl has done before."
"It’s my fault that I didn’t take it seriously. He was just having fun."
Jin Yan regrets it now. If he had taken it to heart, he might not have turned into what he is today.
But at that time, he really didn’t think that Nancheng would be recruited by such a woman. How could a person do such a foolish thing …
"I, she and I are very good friends. She was still having dinner with me the night before they went to Jiangcheng together."
Luo Yan ran sounded desperate. "I told her I was going to get engaged to my second brother, and she sent a blessing. I didn’t expect that-"
"This kind of girl should be a person with a problem."
After listening to Luo Yan ran’s words, Shang ‘an’s impression of Yu Xinlan plummeted.
How on earth can a girl do such a shameful thing?
It’s shameless to wish each other happiness while hanging on to each other’s boyfriend.
Jin Yan and Shang An comforted Luo Yan ran and comforted her for a long time. After Jin Yan and Shang An decided to take a time to talk to Yu Xinlan.
Of course, this matter is urgent and cannot be acted rashly.
Jin Yan always taught Nancheng a lesson, but he never forced him to do anything, let alone make decisions for him without his consent.
But this time he broke the precepts.
A month later, Jin Yan released the news that Nancheng and Luo Yan ran were married, which attracted a lot of publicity.
In recent years, Nancheng and Luoyan ran have really been very close. Many people speculate that they are lovers, but the parties have never responded positively.