It may be felt that the fact that Denmark and Norway are German sites for exhibitions and talks there can not achieve a balanced environment. The Soviet representative immediately expressed opposition and demanded that the venue of the talks be chosen in a third neutral country or a small non-belligerent area be demarcated on both sides’ fronts, and it can only be determined after reporting to the People’s Committee during the talks.

In response to this, the count said coldly, "There are casualties every day in the war and the losses of Soviet soldiers and civilians are much more than those of Germany-since your country insists on carefully arranging the schedule of the talks, we have no reason to blame you."
This remark was harsh to the Soviets, but they could argue that "we can’t treat such an important matter lightly"
Since there were differences in the talks here, after discussion, the two sides adjourned again, and the Soviet representatives contacted the Taiwanese government. The German representatives had afternoon tea in another wooden house prepared by the Swedish authorities, and the Soviet representatives did not wait for a reply from China until it was getting dark.
"We agreed in principle to hold in-depth talks in two weeks to discuss the specific issues of a truce. If the Swedish government agrees, we plan to set the meeting place somewhere in southeastern Sweden." The Soviet representative left a business office, so Prafa took the initiative to leave, and Logan and others also returned to their offices. At this time, no one thought at all how two glasses of whisky would affect Frick when the president was only six months old. You know that President Hindenburg was still able to drink from time to time …
When the adjutant came to report that William Frick suddenly fell into a coma and was taken to the central hospital, Logan took a nap at his desk for less than ten minutes. He suddenly dreamed that he was sitting on the top of a high mountain overlooking the world and then stopped.
Chapter 99 A critically ill notice (in)
Chapter 99 A critically ill notice (in)
"Heart disease? Is it serious? "
As soon as he arrived at the hospital, Logan couldn’t wait to throw these questions to his colleagues. Prime Minister Paul Prafa also drove here in a hurry.
Mel Carrasset, the head of the president’s office, replied with a worried face, "Dr. Dahl judged that the president’s heart disease is a serious infarction and there is no way to treat it through surgery. Drugs can help ban smoking and alcohol on weekdays, and be less angry and anxious."
"So the cause of this illness was drinking two glasses of whisky at noon?" Logan asked
Carrasset’s white and stocky middle-aged man adjusted his nose glasses. "The doctor said that the cause of infarct heart disease is very complicated, and the long-term latent disease may be slightly imperceptible, but in any case, the president’s current situation is not ideal ―― after the observation period these days, he must seriously cultivate for a while."
"Alas ….." Prafa shook his head. "The president has been working hard on national affairs for several months, and it is really time for him to have a good rest."
Logan looked around and asked, "Can we go in and visit now?"
"Just finished the needle, the hospital strongly advised us not to disturb the president’s rest, considering the actual situation …" Carrasset whispered, "The Prime Minister and Marshal had better stay in it for a while."
This is a nice guy who doesn’t want to offend anyone. Logan thought about seeing Prafa take off his hat and enter the ward, and he quickly followed him.
After decades of ups and downs, such as the German emperor’s period, Weimar period and Nazi’s democratic constitutional period, William Frick is like a tired traveler lying in bed and never waking up. His old face is like a waxed paper with no color in it.
Prafa walked slowly to the front of the bed and sat down gently without an armchair, staring down at his old comrade-in-arms and partners for many years. If it hadn’t been for Frick’s help, let alone the position of Chancellor of the Cabinet, even the position of Chancellor of Prussia would not be an "ordinary person" without deep political background and party support.
Logan silently walked to Prafa’s side and looked down at the German President who was also his political partner’s wife and grandfather. This is called Grandpa’s father-in-law in the East-or directly called Grandpa. Although the age difference between them is nearly forty, there is not such a big gap in communication. Political harmony has also "fortunately" achieved great things, forgetting those frustrations, and more admiration and gratitude.
Frick’s eyelids were motionless and his breathing was gentle and weak. Just as Logan’s visit was coming to an end, he saw Prafa approaching Frick and called two times.
Frick’s eyelids trembled slightly, and he slowly opened his eyes and then turned his head vigorously.
"Paul" He called Prafa’s name and saw Logan-nodded slightly as a greeting.
"How do you feel, President?" Prafa asked earnestly when Frick shook his head, and then gestured to the Prime Minister’s ear for a moment. Prafa turned to Logan and said, "Marshal, can you help me invite Mr. Carrasset in? There are some things that he needs to witness and record."
"Good" Logan immediately turned and walked to the door and called the president’s office in. When the two of them came to Frick’s window, the Prime Minister seemed to have had some simple exchanges with the president.
"Mr. Carrasset, please record the instructions from the President. This is very important," said Prafa, who gave these instructions.
"Mr. President, first of all, do you need to ask the National Assembly to introduce a state of emergency bill during your illness?"
Frick shook his head.
"Okay, second, is your condition announced?"
The president hesitated and nodded, and said in a trembling voice, "The public should be informed that it is unnecessary to be led by others to panic."
Then Prafa asked, "Third, if you are temporarily in a coma or your illness causes other laws to make decisions, will the cabinet act as president or appoint someone else?"
Frick hesitated for a long time on this question. He finally replied in a low voice, "It needs the president’s opinion … The foreign affairs and economic security advisory groups are led by Lent, mejkal and Hans respectively … The decision-making needs to be signed … The decree is jointly signed by the Prime Minister of the Cabinet … the Speaker of the National Assembly …"
When Carrasset quickly recorded these Prafa, he finally asked, "Do you have any other orders?"
Frick nodded for a long time before looking at Rogan and saying, "It is necessary for the national yuan to attend the occasion … and Hans Rogan … the special representative of the President will attend the rest … The unfinished matters shall be implemented in accordance with … the Constitution."
"Good charge is witnessed by me, Hans Logan and Mel Carrasset." Prafa was more relaxed when he finished these words]
Chapter 99 A critically ill notice ()
On 25th, 1942, Bromfors Shipyard in Hamburg.
Whenever these shipyards where large warships have been built appear colorful flags and people are surging, people will know that there will be big guys "born" here again. This time, people’s flags are much more than in the past, and the atmosphere is stronger. Not only that, but also the national military and political brains are not often seen in the shipyards, and their specifications are high.
At present, on the berth where the battleship Bismarck was built, there is a huge ship that looks bigger and more magnificent without the installation of floor buildings and naval guns. This is the Hindenburg-class battleship Hindenburg (h39), which was stopped for some reason on July 15, 1939. Its designed displacement reaches 550,000 tons, and it will be equipped with the latest communication equipment of the German navy with a 16-inch (4O6mm) giant gun 52 times the diameter.
"… only half a century ago, we were able to independently build a warship with a displacement of over 10,000 tons. At that time, we were called’ six armies were lame’ and we could rely on foreign fleets when involved in naval battles. During these 50 years, our naval exhibitions have devoted our hard work and national wisdom, our progress has attracted worldwide attention, and we have achieved national pride. More than 20 years ago, we once owned the world’s second ocean-going fleet, but the result of the war made us lose everything in an instant-fleet, machinery, We have become almost all the drawings, but we have the indomitable spirit, the courage to start from scratch, and no one can take away the wisdom. We have built the German class, the scharnhorst class, the Bismarck class, and the Zeppelin class. These ships have played an irreplaceable role in the process of breaking through the blockade of the North Sea and heading for the world ocean. We are really on the big ocean stage. The era of the German sea has already begun … "
Don’t write paper in front of the microphone in the viewing platform. There is no cowardice. During the Weixian Movement, you exercised your thinking, and your eloquence and courage were sublimated. Logan waved, encouraged and played up the pale strength of Prime Minister Paul Pula. When people were intoxicated at this time, they resonated, sometimes stirred their hearts, and sometimes their blood boiled. When they gave a speech, they probably forgot that it was a substitute for attending the ceremony because of a serious heart disease. President Frick said that the "special representative" forgot the straight military marshal system. It seems that the naval atmosphere here is somewhat different and forgot the young, handsome and capable old
The 10-minute speech was not long, but when Logan’s voice fell, he responded that he was like a mountain calling a tsunami.
Nearly 50,000 soldiers and people present were boiling from their hearts. At this moment, the ceremony of water unification is still long, and the process of outfitting has become secondary. What is important is that many confused lives have found a common direction here.
Not only major ceremonies and ceremonies, but also the special representative of the President, Rogan, appeared in the country like a catch-up. He suddenly felt that he could not only adapt to the once tired atmosphere and breath, but also be adept at politicians and celebrities with his rich battlefield experience and ordinary people’s foresight. He returned to the Victorian Movement and gave brilliant speeches to instill his thoughts and ideas into high-level audiences. Gravity will unite people in their respective positions and win their approval and support with unique charm, which has both the courage to stimulate ao mistakes and graceful dance steps. There are also impassioned confidences, and everything is gradually on track. The goal is to hold public elections after the war-the change from wartime government to normal government will be an opportunity that does not require much waiting.
In a subtle change, the month of 1942 quietly became history, and the calendar of September changed with the celebration of the founding of the Berlin Military Academy, the celebration of Wü rttemberg, the retirement ceremony of the disabled soldiers of the National Defence Force, and the water ceremony of the 60,000-ton ocean-going merchant ship "Ernst"; In the middle of the year, the signing ceremony of the German-Turkish Covenant, the frontline tour of condolences, and the promotion ceremony of Mo Deer and other generals; The Hindenburg-class battleship No.2 "Adolf Hitler" (h4o) water ceremony, the inauguration ceremony of Kiel Naval Aviation Academy, and the visit to Spain in September were busy and full. People gradually forgot that President Frick, who was recuperating in the Alps, suddenly felt that he had a younger and more active leader.
At the end of September, guderian, chief of staff of Rogan Defence Force, flew to Orsko to inspect it. At this time, it lasted for nearly four weeks. After the fierce fighting, the battlefield was still full of various weapon wrecks. After the two sides constantly increased their troops and adjusted their strategies, this purely offensive and defensive battle gradually evolved into a thrilling armored battle. Only the Soviet Union invested more than 12oo tanks and self-propelled anti-tank guns, including the 37th heavy tank regiment of Molotov’s ace troops at the heavy weapon pole. During the period of scarcity, this was also the only tank combat unit of the Soviet army equipped with kv1 and kv2. The regiment should have turned the tide by participating in the war. However, they encountered their own "natural enemy"-the German 99th bomber wing equipped with cannon. As a result, they had already lost more than half of their lives before they reached the battlefield …
The dominant German troops invested a lot of No.4 H in the Battle of Orsko. At one time, the total number of tanks participating in the battle of No.4 G sharp-edged No.5 tank had a 2-to-1 advantage over the Soviet Union. In addition, about 12oo assault guns and self-propelled anti-tank guns supported the battle. In this battle to defend the southern end of the Ural Mountains, the Soviet Union invested the last elite of its own army, but except for September 17 and 1, they were briefly given a battlefield system. They were suppressed by the German Third Air Force for a long time and harassed by iao scale attacks and night bombing. The Soviet Union’s killed and captured personnel reached the second place. After the army lost its combat effectiveness, it dispatched troops to participate in the war. The fourth army also lost a large number of effective forces, which made the Soviet people’s anger plummet. Kazakhs not only went to the front line to participate in the war, but also made many incidents of surrendering to the Germans.
As far as the troops invested by both sides are concerned, the Battle of Orsk is not a quarter of the Battle of Moscow, but it has not affected it in the slightest. In addition to the troops deployed in the defense line of the Urals, the Soviet Union dispatched all the forces it could, many of which were best equipped. The guards with the highest quality finally failed to stop the Germans from bypassing the "Impossible to Break through Soviet Ma Qinuo" campaign. Just after the battle, the Germans sent armored troops to Kazakhstan regardless of fatigue, and at the same time dispatched the 22nd descending division to carry out parachute drop and aircraft drop along the way-the German steel torrent averaged 200 kilometers per day and indulged in Mercedes-Benz logistics in the vast grassland. It should be the only concern for commanders about the love war of local garrison troops in Kazakhstan. The Soviet armored troops that had previously occupied Astana were in Orr. The battle of Tusk rushed to the front line and exhausted the remaining Soviet troops, which forced Molotov’s highest battalion to deploy valuable mobile forces from the front line of the Urals again. However, the tired division was overwhelmed in the battle in the northern suburbs of Astana, and the tanks were one-sided.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am entrusted by the President to express my highest respect and sincere thanks to you on behalf of the country."
In the field hospital camp, Logan bowed to the wounded soldiers in these countries. In the brutal war, five soldiers were often in the front line and died. They were suspected to be the most brave people. What Logan enjoyed most was the poetic and eventful years when his chief of staff presented medals of honor and medals of war injury to the officers and men on their sickbeds with emotion to appease them-these officers and men who were wounded by war were likely to be disabled.
One camp after another, when Logan’s back ached for the last time, suddenly men’s mouth was full of medical staff and wounded soldiers. These people were dressed in different clothes but had deja vu …
"Ladies and gentlemen, you have defended the German armored forces, the world’s number one country, you honor the people, your enemies fear you, your friends envy you, and the world respects you."
In the vast prairie, accompanied by the Chief of General Staff, Rogan toured the 19th Reconnected Armored Division. These tanks, which were improved by iao, were classified as "No.5 B" type, and the second batch of production-oriented tanks solved the previous common mechanical failures. They showed excellent performance in the war, which could suppress most advanced line equipment of Soviet tanks and make the tactics of German armored group even more powerful-according to the statistics of German unilateral battle damage, the loss ratio between German and Soviet tank units in the Battle of Orsk was 1: 24.
After entering October, the situation of the Soviet-German war is still moving in one direction. The huge strategic bomber forces of the German army bombed Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk day and night and attacked Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and other Soviet republics exhibited a "single offensive". Although even Stalin, who was in opposition, constantly called on the military and civilians to support the country’s fight against aggression, the red ship has come to its own end in a stormy way. Due to external forces, the republics have finally set off a "separation hao". Many Soviet combat troops either exploded mutiny or refused to go to the front or suppress their former brothers in hopeless circumstances. Finally, a coup by senior officers ended Molotov’s rule, and Stalin was forced to flee to the Far East to pray for peace with Germany.
Chapter 1 Competition for Power Top
The war is over.
A piece of Ural Armistice Agreement is far more harsh for the Soviet Union than the Brest Peace Treaty. It is said that the Soviet representative did not have tears when signing the agreement.
In this "first-Mover" war, the Soviets once took the absolute initiative. Their troops had advanced to just over a hundred kilometers away from Berlin. Their bombers had attacked Berlin for several days and even flew to the hinterland of Germany. They had made every German feel deeply uneasy, but this heavyweight game was finally won by the more powerful party. The result was not only that the Soviet Union lost its oil fields, Ports and most industrial facilities not only made this country, which once had the largest land area in the world, lose one third of its land, but the era ended with the separation of Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia from the Soviet Union.
Since the German army struck Poland in 1939-or traced back to the Sudetenland crisis in 1993-Europe’s long-lost peace has finally come. The flames of war have been burning for three years and two months, and the pattern of Europe has changed dramatically. Vichy France is on the side of a corner, and the British kingdom has fallen back from Russia for a hundred years. There will be a sound in Europe for a long time to come.
In the golden autumn, Germans took to the streets to celebrate their own victory. Old people, children and women held high flowers and iao flags and greeted the victorious army with happiness. People who dare to take risks have long queues in front of municipal offices to apply for government loans and licenses to run factories, mines or engage in large-scale planting in German-occupied areas; A large number of civil aviation or shipping companies have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. iaoiao billboards are full of job advertisements, and people seem to have a new university and an unprecedented passion to expand their careers.
In cafes and beer houses, people talk about it every day. The central topic is whether the government cabinet will continue after the war. Although the wartime cabinet showed good operational efficiency in the latter part of the war, due to the short time, they devoted most of their energy to maintaining national stability and didn’t really care about people’s livelihood and welfare. During the schacht cabinet period, the government’s promise to the people was still a long way off, so many people didn’t buy it, but preferred the "financial magic" intended to promote economic strength in Europe. As soon as the war in Europe was extinguished, schacht, a wizard with great influence in the European and American financial circles, hurried back to Germany from North America to show off his financial and economic achievements in the United States in just a few months. On the other hand, he announced in a high-profile way that he would regain the throne of the prime minister in a legal way-leading the Democratic Party to compete for the post-war elections.
The purpose of the post-war public election was not to elect the president of the country, but to decide the government ruler Adolf Hitler finally ascended the throne of the prime minister through public election in 1933. Although it was inseparable from the approval and support of the president of the country, the popular vote was the most decisive.
After two months’ rest, the current German President William Frick finally returned to his post. According to the constitution, he announced that the post-war general election will be held in mid-November and publicly praised the contribution made by the victory of the Prafalgar War on a series of occasions. Prafalgar’s victory seems to be great. However, he has hosted the victory parade in Berlin one after another. After the victory of the Axis camp in Daqing ceremony, Frick was once again hospitalized for heart disease and fell into a deep coma for several days. Although his health was hardly better than the president’s daily work, the veteran politician who regarded political life was unwilling to give up his lifelong dream. In this case, Hans Rogan, the "national Xi’ an consultant", continued to attend various important occasions as the "special representative of the president"-photos of him standing side by side with Prafa kept appearing in public, and people often mistakenly believed that they were close political partners, but the fact was that they soon became friends.
"When people are perfect, how many people can really be honest?"