The Niuren team chose the bull’s head and the cannon, and the scene was rotated to the sea team. There was almost no hesitation in choosing Lucian and a Syndra.

"This" looks at the opposite side, this confidence is almost without hesitation, and no one feels that kind of casual feeling.
Gao Chengfeng hesitated for a long time and chose Giggs to play. This hero, commonly known as the Bomber, has excellent aoe skills with stable output, which makes people want to stop.
On the fourth floor, ad Wang Dongdong wanted to give Zhang Hao a wild game, but because Zhang Hao still didn’t think of anything, he had to choose a nice mermaid named Ji Nami, a tidal shark, for Zhou Qiang to assist.
"Now it’s the last two candidates for the sea team. I don’t know who will play the auxiliary and the list, but it’s better to be on the right line or ap type."
Black looked at Xiaodoukou and said, "Well, that’s right. Nowadays, it’s still ap’s best to be a hot type of tree spirit."
"As far as possible, the sea team will give priority to the mage type such as barrel or Ritz." Snow brushed a strand of hair and said his own analysis
The three commentators are all waiting for the sea team. Who are the last two places
"There are robots and Ritz. It seems that the road is really going to be hit by Ritz." Black has some impulses. He didn’t expect to say anything. He just said the barrel Ritz Road. Ritz simply doesn’t want to cooperate too much
The hero department has selected this sea team to play, and the focus is on the last choice of Ningxi. The Tauren team has not yet played wild.
"Hey, why haven’t you chosen to play wild for a long time?" Looking at the last choice, Lan Rexi wondered how it was so slow to get to the Tauren team so quickly.
Tang Qinling also wondered why it’s not like Zhang Hao at ordinary times. Why is it so slow and nothing has happened?
"Maybe consider more." Zhou Xiong said his thoughts and really guessed a close one.
That’s right. Zhang Hao is hesitant at the moment. He has a strong dominance in the wild area in the early stage of the blind monk. If he is careless, he will be doomed. He is under great pressure. The informant is not in the same class as the wild pressure
If you can’t beat the opposite line, you can mend the tower knife. Let the soldiers come to the tower to mend the knife, but you can only rely on yourself to fight wild words.
If you can fight, you have to fight, but you have to fight. This is ambition. If you are caught and broken into a dog, you should also take that fragile equipment to the front line to protect ad and limit the enemy’s position and rush to the core opposite the face.
If you collapse into a dog, you should always consider where there is a chance to drag the stump and squat silently, and people are always experiencing the arrogance of invading the wild but the ability to endure what kind of spiritual crush it is
There are still ten seconds to go over and over again. I’m not sure who is good. Zhang Hao has gone over his head. He has played wild for many times in his life, but none of them is good. Only the blind monk is taller.
Looking at Zhang Hao’s delay in choosing the Tauren team, I know that he is under great pressure at the moment and has not said anything to wait quietly.
When the countdown was almost over, Zhang Hao finally moved, and it was you.
"Well, the ban election phase is over, and the two sides are about to enter the interface. The final array of the blue square sea team is the dark head of state of Shanruizi Middle Road, Syndra Daye Blind Monk Road, ad Lu Xi’ an and the auxiliary robot have to say that this array is very explosive. I don’t know how the team from Ningxi should respond."
Sinuo continued, "On this side of Ningxi Province, there is a single bull’s head middle road bomber playing wild, and the so-called Jia Wen IV character road ad is a combination of small guns and auxiliary Nami with more appearances at present."
The live ob perspective is delayed, allowing the audience to see the real-time dynamics and the midfield has cheered. Is there any reason for the sea team’s home?
The team of five people with heavy faces, the combination of road cannon and Nami was almost completely exploded by the robot Lucian, and it was also a last resort to change the line.
The word "changing lines" appeared in the minds of five people. Yes, if you don’t change lines, you can hardly play robots. Nami greatly restrained the development of small guns and cooperated with Lu Xi’ an. This road overlord has no fun.
Gao Chengfeng thought for a long time that Nai had made this decision. Everyone wanted to align the line normally, but they had to because of their own core position.
Since the alliance to s4, although the status of ad has been greatly reduced, the real team soul is still ad, but it needs tons of damage in the early stage and is not weak in the later stage.
Moreover, it also requires a very high self-protection ability to mirror, which also makes a large number of mixed output ad such as Lu Xi ‘an, mice, small guns and big mouths rise. Although big mouths are easy to die, suicide bombers are also disgusting after death
"I know my way." Erhong didn’t say anything. He could also see that the pressure on the road was too great. It was better to resist pressure with the bull’s head.
Moreover, the advantage of tauren is that it doesn’t need much equipment to resist tons of injuries after the big move, which is better than wandering.
If you make a plan, you will have no idea. Just wait for the end of the game. However, the Bulls don’t know that some of them have been stared at at at the moment.
"Welcome to League of Legends"
Gao Chengfeng, the director of the Bureau of "We won’t fight the first-level regiment", just ordered the other side not to fight the regiment. They certainly didn’t have the idea of the first-level regiment.
Zhang Hao, the wild emperor, went out with a dozen wild knives and four reds. He thought about it and brought a red scanning lens. The success rate of Emperor gank is very high, and it is very necessary to control the vision. Everyone is equipped to go out normally.
"After buying equipment on both sides of a good game, the Ningxi team has arrived at the purple square blue buff to make a vision, and the sea team has also arrived at the blue square red buff. The sea team Shan Ruiz went to the grass behind the blue buff to investigate and prevent being stolen. It is really unscientific to have a robot and a wandering team without a strong team."
Explain that adzuki beans are in a state of serious explanation. Generally speaking, a robot team will be strong, but it is a pity to look at the sea team and fight hard at the first level.
Snow pink lips slightly open interface, "yeah, but although there is no strong team, maybe the sea team has its own ideas. Come on, the sea team, come on, Ningxi, we are looking forward to a wonderful game."
Snow’s ability to incite the atmosphere of the stadium is simply rude, and a few short words have attracted applause. Wherever such a woman goes, it is desirable.
At this time, the auxiliary Nami and the small cannon in Ningxi have been put in place respectively, one squatting in the grass in the triangle of the road and the other squatting in the grass next to the river f4 to prevent the other side from invading the wild area.
Up to 1 minute and 3 seconds, the picture is peaceful. It is hard for a top team to imagine being so conservative.
"It seems that both sides are very conservative and are preparing for the first-class team. Dan Giggs has already rushed to the middle of the road in Ningxi team. From the position of Niutou, Ningxi seems to be ready to change lanes, but their roads are really difficult to play. It is also a wise move to do so."
Long hair black joined in explaining the firepower of these three people.
One minute and four seconds before the regiment was safely inserted, the eye position disappeared. Zhang Hao and Erhong were stuck at two intersections respectively to detect the situation. Looking at the smooth road, Nami made eye protection at f4, and then Zhang Haohui retreated to the wild area and waited for the purple square red buff to refresh.
Facing the fog of war in the dark, Zhang Hao is always very depressed about what will be hidden in the distance, and the unknown is always frightening.
"The emperor is in place waiting for buff to refresh, and the navy is waiting for the navy to act." Black looked at the intention, and the navy was still unwilling to be lonely when it got excited.
Chapter 132 Being killed by a bull’s head
"It’s 1 minute and 5 seconds now. The blue robot is in the lead. Lucian, the blind monk and even the dark Fuhrer in the middle of the road are out. They are the first-class regiment after all."
Black felt sorry for the dormancy of the sea team, and she waited until the last minute to start, so no one would have thought that it was also the time when her vigilance was the most relaxed.
"It’s amazing that they have robots that don’t fight against the wild." Erhong Niutou chanted while waiting to help fight the wild, and felt a little interested in this peace bureau.
"You’re a bear. It’s not like you’re playing wild. What are you careless about?" Gao Chengfeng knew that Zhang Hao was under great pressure. At this moment, Erhong’s words were simply not pleasant to hear, and his name had changed.
Knowing that I said something wrong, Erhong quickly shut up and silently waited for the blue buff to be refreshed for 1 minute and 55 seconds. buff refreshing the bull’s head is a blood behind the blue buff. "
Sh, 1 got 1 blood.