The white horse obviously didn’t expect that the collision turned out to be a hard bone. Suddenly, a ray of light came out of the shield and fell on it.

The weak light can paralyze the body, making the white horse’s body stiff and unable to dodge, and the front leg was immediately cut by an axe.
The speed of leg blood cross-flow exposing bone stubble also decreases.
Looked at the crowd is not big Korea fat hello from all directions.
"Network fast network!"
"The law …"
The white horse cried happily and finally appeared frightened
They tried hard to cover it with a big net, and the sharp iron kept cutting their fur.
It has no flexible hands. Once it is caught in the net, its speed and lethality drop sharply, and the more it struggles, the tighter the net is wrapped, and the more serious its injuries are.
But in the blink of an eye, I was covered in blood and cried out again and again
"Kill it!"
Han pang’s eyes are red, and his heart is not angry but excited.
He vaguely felt that he was about to usher in the third limit breakthrough, but he had been reluctant to kill this white horse recently.
Thoughts turn, he has grasped the pike and rushed to the near body, and his gun pointed at the white horse’s throat and stabbed it hard.
A black shadow appeared, first it was easy to hit the pike, and then when it was around, it was hard to beat Han Fat and fly him out.
"Stop it!"
At the same time a cold sound.
This sound is not Mandarin or the earth language, but everyone can understand it.
Chapter 15 Four people
When the shadow circled, it surrounded the one-horned white horse and then fell sharply, sweeping all directions from one point.
"snapped …"
At that time, the smoke was everywhere, and the crowd screamed again and again, except for those who were close to the white horse who were lifted and flew out.
Shadow retraction impressively is a dark whip, and a tall woman at one end is scanning the field coldly.
A woman dressed in pure black leather boots is like a kind of war and a close-fitting leather coat to show her good figure.
Short hair and delicate facial features
Nai’s oblique scar from the eyebrow to the bar destroyed this aesthetic feeling, and his eyes were too cold to look straight.
"Not bad!"
A girl came from behind with a light tone.
"It’s been less than ten days since I came here, and it should be considered to be relatively excellent in recent years."
"Few strong people can’t carry the white mane." There is another stereo that sounds different from the former and more stable and powerful.
"Just now, that shield should be a weapon with special effects, otherwise it is impossible to resist the white mane by just a few tiger bones."
"Sanzhuang is not such a good achievement."
As the sound approaches the three figures, they walk out of the darkness in sequence.
One person is tall and thin, his eyes are light, his hands are crossed on his chest, and he looks back and forth at all the people in the field, especially Chinese women.
Beside him is a stocky middle-aged man.
Male waist hanging double knives, sharp eyes, ignoring him to look at Zhou Jia, Han Pang and other powerful people
The last person is the most mysterious.
The whole person hides in a black cloak, skinny, and his right hand sticks out of the cloak, holding a root like a wooden stick interwoven with vines.