There are dragons in the western continent, but the lizards have not flown too high when they become dragons, but it seems not too surprising that even powerful knights can go to the stratosphere and the powerful dragons go to the alien orbit outside the planet.

Actually, Chen Yi can feel Gao Yuan energy at some time.
I believe that the wonders of the temple battlefield will inevitably attract the attention of the dragon.
Unfortunately, no one can really guess what the dragon thinks.
Two days apart, the team that launched the satellite came to the passage pier.
The leader is still Lin Junren, who is now almost the most direct channel for high-level officials to the western continent. The whole satellite team consists of more than 17 people, and there are also more than 4 security teams.
A student in charge of loading and unloading the martial arts school was interested in touching the rocket and smiled. "My childhood dream was to send rockets."
Another martial arts school student ran to touch the assembled satellite and smiled. "When I was a child, my dream was to send satellites. We were born together!"
The lieutenant colonel in charge of nursing interrupted the two people with a sad face. "When you were young, rockets and satellites were already distributed. Don’t lift your hands and load the car quickly."
Now, the students in the martial arts school simply don’t care about the officers. "Ouch!" They say with a smile, "How can you load and unload without touching?"
"Of course it’s a crane!"
"We are all handcrafted here." The students greeted two people, like moving a table, and one person on both sides carried a foot to help them move the satellite to the shipping landing platform. It was also easy to do it by hand.
The team of chatting scientists also froze. A young man exclaimed, "We have a ton of satellites. How did they do it?"
The literary and art stevedores turned around and answered deeply, "Keep exercising a dream, and you can also be stevedores one day."
The loader of martial arts school is indeed a high-end profession. Now the foreign museum has taught the students of fighting spirit class that the prerequisite for registration is to be a channel loader.
After a short silence, a scientist suddenly shocked and said, "Exoskeleton equipment must be exoskeleton equipment!"
"Where did you see the exoskeleton?"
"That is to transform the body bones."
"Like Wolverine?"
"Almost titanium may add a little tungsten. What do you think so much tungsten gold is doing at the metal dock over there? It’s amazing. "
During the irrational discussion among scientists, a magical knight passed by and carried a 100-ton graded rocket car onto the deck of the ship.
The discussion came to an abrupt end when a girl hesitated to ask, "What is this …?"
"We are dazzled," the middle-aged scientist replied firmly.
Because the satellite detachment joined the channel and delayed the departure for one day, the unloading speed was not affected much
On the day they arrived in the western continent, the satellite team entered a tense calculation and installation, but in the end they were able to choose the launch base 5 kilometers east of Xijiang city-state and then the inspection team of Yuancheng martial arts school refused to protect it.
This made many old scientists angry, but Lin Junren said that the rocket launcher was still erected on time.
Then there is a long wait.
First launch in two weeks.
More than four security personnel and two martial arts school inspection teams surrounded the crude launch site.
Mo Shaoqiu came to "watch the fireworks" in high spirits and also commented, "Was the launch site in Cuba so shabby?"
"People call it camouflage, but why don’t we cement the ground well?" It’s more interesting to launch a rocket than Mo Shaoqiu’s family chat, which attracted two people to watch.
Chen Yi, who was besieged, quite adapted to this kind of dialogue, pointed and laughed. "Temporary things are not worth being cement."
Countdown horse
More than a hundred tons of rockets cheered and rose in flames, and then quickly disappeared after the white clouds.
At the same time, Chen Yi also felt the surge of huge source energy.
Almost a magical knight floated from the ground.
"What is this!" Is monitoring the screen white coat also suddenly cried.
If a looming line stops the rocket’s way, both must collide
Chen Yi pie pie cold so way "is a dragon"
Chapter five hundred and eleven Spells "aging"
Recently, the Shuilong Temple was about 12 kilometers away from the Xijiang city-state, and there was no worry about it, but when the light curtain expanded to 16 kilometers, Chen Yi paid attention.
But this is the first time he has seen the real dragon charm or observed the dragon.
It is roughly estimated that the dragon that appeared in high school at this time is seven kilometers short, slightly smaller than the one discovered by Chen Yi, but its shape is general. Second, I don’t know if it is a water dragon temple or just a water dragon heir.
If the former is enough, if the latter is enough, the power of the temple dragon will be re-estimated.
The shadow of the screen is fleeting, and the source energy disappears. The trace is short and there is little left for Chen Yi to think about.
The rocket satellite didn’t even rush out of the atmosphere. It adjusted its attitude as if it had reached orbit and plunged into the dark forest.
Many people have issued "Ah" regrets.
The officers in charge of security are nervous. Lieutenant Colonel immediately shouted, "Search team! The search team is ready to go. "
After shouting a word, he refreshed himself and realized that this place was not a launch base, and there were few people in his search team.
For a moment, Lieutenant Colonel was a little reluctant to bow to Chen Yi and said, "Mr. Chen’s satellites and rockets are important, please send a search team to find them."
Li Feng looked at Chen Yi and saw that he was silent and knew that these technical satellites and rockets in the 1990s were not worthy of being dispatched, so he went to the officer and advised, "Lieutenant Colonel Wang’s rocket is too far away from the Xijiang city-state, and we can’t get there. It’s not too late for you to be calm and wait until we assess the danger."
Chen Yi can’t look down on those backward satellites and rockets, but it’s fatal for Lieutenant Colonel in charge of security to lose satellites.
Without thinking, he said emotionally, "If you are afraid to give me two guides, I will take someone myself."
"Without a guide, your rocket landed in the human area, and no one has been there," Li Feng patiently explained. "The situation in the western continent is different from that on the earth. In many places, monsters are quite powerful and there are too many places with inconvenient transportation. There is no other way for your rocket to land than parachuting, and even if it is parachuting, you can’t transport it back. The dense forest in the western continent is a dangerous zone with a height of 100 meters."
What he said is also true. There are creatures with different habits at different levels in the dense forest hundreds of meters high, but it is very dangerous with one exception. Whether it is parachuting or airplane descending for tens of seconds, several teams of monsters will have a banquet. Fighting-level soldiers go to the people’s area to deliver vegetables. Even if explosives and other blasting methods are used, those towering trees will attract tens of thousands of powerful birds.
To meet the requirements of the lieutenant colonel, it is almost necessary to send a knight with seven levels of fighting skills, and the risk is huge.
These knights are more valuable than those old satellite technologies.
Lieutenant Colonel Chen Yi and others are still serious. "If it can’t be shipped back, it will have to be blown up. I can’t let it stay there. I have been professionally trained to give me a plane. I will parachute in and come out myself. Life and death will never worry you."