An hour later.

Thanks to the things in Jize’s hand, a tattered corpse was pulled out of the mud and put on the shore after cleaning.
"Xu Lao!"
Always keep discipline ze beside the old man carefully check the residual body before stepping forward.
The body is not as simple as it looks, and the flesh outside is almost corroded, leaving only bones in most places.
"Not Ji Xiangong"
Xu Lao gently shook his head.
"Nine times out of ten, it seems that Zhang Bingzhong, the bandit leader of Huntian, has indeed killed both of them."
Jize eyebrows haven’t mouth not far from the sound again.
"There’s another body here!"
"Wow …"
With the characteristics of fishing net salvage, another body is fished out of the mud, and the first body is placed side by side after cleaning.
It can also be seen from the bones that there was a great gap between the height of the deceased before his death. Zhang Bingzhong’s skeleton was broad and Ji Xian was thin.
"This is Ji Xiangong."
Need to command Xu Lao has been checked before and after
"Both of them were hit hard before their lives, including the yellow sand, the trace of Wan Li’s sword and Zhang Bingzhong’s boldness of vision."
"That is mutually assured destruction" JiZe shook his head tut tut lightly sigh.
"My brother is so reckless that he chooses to kill you one by one. Doesn’t he understand the reason why you don’t build a dangerous wall?"
At this time, Xu Lao looked up and looked dignified.
"The old man hasn’t finished yet. They both have another kind of wound besides the damage caused by each other’s skills."
"The same kind of injury!"
Doubt sounded.
Jize also lived expression eyes beckoned.
"Yes" Xu Lao nodded and continued
"The strong black iron is tough and rough, and the bones are as fine as gold. It is hard to hurt even if it is covered with miasma and venom accumulation."
"But in the past, the flesh and blood of the corpse have melted for so long, and it is almost obvious that there are not many."
In the previous step, he stretched out his hand and gently pointed to the neck, heart, waist and ribs of the body.
"These places were attacked just as fiercely as the last kill and they didn’t cause each other."
"Xu Lao" Su Jiuye’s mouth
"You mean there was a third party who killed Ji Xiangong Zhang Bingzhong and then dumped his body here?"
"Not bad!"
Xu Lao nodded
"After the man killed, he was prevented from being found and abandoned, and the poison barrier here was used to corrode the body."
"Are you sure?" Kizawa’s binocular contraction
"Being able to kill Ji Xian and the gangster Zhang Bingzhong at the same time is the peak of the black iron, and there are only a handful of people who are suspected of being so big and arrogant!"
And everyone is a famous person.
"It’s not necessarily such a master." Beautiful eyes flashing on one side.
"It is also possible that the man took advantage of Ji Xian’s mutual loss and then took advantage of it. Old Xu also said that they had each other’s skills and caused injuries."
"Not bad"
Xu Lao nodded
"But in any case, that man is extremely good at repairing. If he meets an old man, he is afraid of being no match."
"Who is there?"
Just then a man roared out of the dark.
Accompanied by a series of gold and iron blows, a man dressed as a herbalist was caught back by the Su family guards.
"Ji Gong!"
"Nine lords"
Hand over the guard
"This person is sneaking around and hiding secrets, but his mouth is hard and he won’t say anything."
Herb picker cold hum
"I went into the mountains to collect herbs and I don’t know what you said."
He is thin, ragged and his skin is wrinkled, and his appearance is even more plain. It seems that he is really a herbalist.
But is it easy to hide the smell from so many people?
The crowd will not believe it.
"Collecting medicine?" Dissolving the moon, Xi Xi, smiling, beautiful eyes flashing.
"You’re afraid you’ve come to the wrong place to fix it, but it’s a bit like a rogue on the periphery of Hongzeyu."
"Come on!"
Her voice was charming before she stepped.