"Sister Xiaolan" Conan pulled Mao Lilan out of the door and told her about his speculation.

"… brother Baishi also said that he was not sure how many robbers there were in the hospital. If a woman across the building escaped from the net when she was arrested, she might hurt the hostages.
"So he wants you to look after that child. When grandpa called her’ bow’ in the ward just now, the name of the child should be oral bow. You can find someone based on this."
It will be strange if there are too many parents in the children’s playground, and it is not difficult to look after a deceived little girl. Conan guessed that there should be at most one or two robbers Xiaolan there.
For him … He has to stay here to deal with the remaining two gangsters.
Although this decision is a bit risky and doesn’t conform to the decision he just made to be cautious, I believe even Baishi will make the same choice at this time of life-Conan quickly said himself.
"Mr. Baishi? Will he also go to the opposite side? " Mao Lilan was a little nervous after hearing the case. She was afraid of finding the wrong person and even more afraid of finding someone. Later, she didn’t save the child and looked around for Baishi.
Conan shook his head. "He fell asleep. Before going to bed, he said …"
Conan also wanted to make up something about Baishi who could tell himself the case when he was asleep, but just after he got there, he suddenly saw Kouliangfu take a deep breath in the hall and get up with a puff box.
"… there is no time to go!" A worry Conan unconsciously Kudou Shinichi tone again.
"Oh, good!" Mao Lilan was startled.
Combined with Conan’s unfinished words in front of her, this sentence is Baishi’s original words
Mr. shiraishi should speak in such a tone …
The situation must be more serious than she thought. There is no time to hesitate!
Chapter 173 Stop it! One of our own!
The pressure was too great, but Mao Lilan didn’t panic so much. Her eyes slowly ignited a small flame, clenched her fist, nodded and rushed up the stairs quickly.
Conan is coming towards this side with his head down. Kouliangfu stopped him in front of the corridor.
At this time, I finally showed a little advantage of being a child-the robbers would be alert for the first time if they talked to adults.
Conan took a good husband and said a few words. He found that the other party was not in the mood to chat and was ready to bypass him. After leaving, he went straight to the point, "Uncle, did someone ask you to use the weapon in the puff box to kill the man who was burned by fire?"
Kouliangfu’s expression convinced Conan that his speculation was probably true.
He pointed to the seat next to him, trying to pull the husband to sit.
Kouliangfu looked at his watch. There are still four minutes before the time limit.
He was dizzy and reflected on his own state.
Even a child can see at a glance that something is wrong. If a middle-aged man in the ward finds the problem, he will not only fail to save his daughter, but will probably be killed instead. After all, it is a vicious bank robber!
Fortunately, I met this naive and sensitive child and talked with him for a while, which might relieve my mood …
-Kouliangfu thought so.
However, after talking for a few words, he revealed that he had to act on the whole hour and was ready to get up and go to the ward. The boy’s face suddenly changed.
Conan wanted to wait for Mao Lilan to rescue the child before starting work on the robbers, but he didn’t expect Kouliangfu to act so early.
….. can’t wait any longer, can find all the robbers in one breath, and then put everyone down before they give the signal.
-Conan doesn’t know why he has such confidence, but it’s not enough for him to hesitate when he thinks about doing it and it’s urgent.
Think for a moment. Conan grabbed the puff box and took out a gun from it.
Kouliangfu couldn’t react. He could watch the children coming and going in the hall, raised his gun and said, "Wow, it’s a cool gun! Uncle, is this a real gun? Is it for me? "
Speaking Conan turned to observe the crowd.
Most people are bear children holding toy guns and fooling around.
But two people’s faces changed dramatically-one was the suspicious policeman, and the other was a burly Mediterranean uncle. His face was so shocked that he crumpled his newspaper.
There are two people? Conan has some surprises.
When the problematic policeman approached here by virtue of his identity and was about to fool the gun, Conan twisted his shoes to strengthen his feet.
At the same time, he pressed a waist.
The black-and-white sphere is rapidly expanded at the waistband opening-this is a new equipment developed by Agasa Hiroshi. The effect of the football waistband is unreasonable, and it can be made by making a football.
Conan just now this prop is still relatively conservative. He rubbed a normal type of football, which is also his most used weapon.
One foot flew out of the football, slammed into the wall, bounced back and hit the police officer in the face accurately.
Conan predicted that the placement of the football was another foot ball "Woo-",which flew out with the wind wrapped around it and chiseled into the strong man’s face in the Mediterranean.
Two robbers pounced.
Conan withdrew his feet and mouth, and Liangfu smiled confidently in his dull eyes.
However, he soon caught a glimpse of a man running to the stairs and looked back at him before leaving, which made him very flustered.
….. It’s not like the crowd should react.
Conan heart cold half … There is an accomplice!
Panting, Mao Lilan rushed to the top of the opposite building to buy tickets and ran into the open-air children’s playground.
There are many children playing in it, and at first glance, I don’t see any children in a wrong state.
This made her a little confused for a moment.
But when I think of Baishi’s reasoning ability in the past, Mao Lilan firmly believes that he is not wrong. He must have observed it carefully enough.
When Conan reported the situation just now, it seemed that the hostage robbers often peeped in the hospital with a pair of binoculars …
Mao Lilan looked up and focused on the side near the hospital.
Her eyes swept around and she soon stopped on a recliner.
Half-lying on the white plastic chair is a woman wearing sunglasses. At first glance, she looks like sunbathing, but when she looks closely, her hands are a little crooked, and she seems to have lost consciousness. There are binoculars beside her other hand.
….. What do you think is suspicious!
Mao Lilan was wary and walked over there. Soon she succeeded. A little girl without an adult was found near the woman.
The girl with a pair of ponytails is lively and outgoing, and Mao Lilan is very familiar. As soon as she talks, the girl tells everything.
She did ask for a bow to follow the woman on the couch. She had never seen that woman before today, but "Big Sister is very gentle and bought me food and said she would take me to see my father later!" "
Mao Lilan’s expression was a little stiff. After a moment, she took a deep breath in terror.
She knew that according to the "White Stone" reasoning, the girl’s father would be silenced and sent to see her father … Those animals even spared such a child!
Conan usually never gives up until the end.